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Love Is Safety: 29% Of South Africans Surveyed Would Only Date Someone Who Is Vaccinated Or Has Antibodies

Romantic date

New global survey, commissioned by Kaspersky, explores the role of dating apps and the current state of technology and relationships. In an era of self-isolation and restrictions, consumers are paying more attention to their health and personal safety while dating, according to a new report commissioned by Kaspersky. 29% of those …

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Homeschooling Heroes Share Their Homeschool Tips

Homeschool work

Over the last 14 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world in so many ways – especially in how we educate our children. All parents during this period have had to undertake some form of homeschooling at certain times. But it’s been moms, in particular, who have been among …

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Helping Teachers Manage COVID Burn-Out and Stress

Teaching Amid Covid

Teachers are at the frontlines of their communities’ responses to the COVID-19 crisis.  As we move into the second pandemic year, there are millions of parents facing financial struggles, thousands of families impacted by the grief of losing loved ones and the constant stress arising from the fears, anxieties and …

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How To Start The 2021 School Year With Confidence

Kid doing school work

The new academic year has begun and, after a year like 2020, it’s no wonder stress levels are already high and confidence in the 2021 school year launching without a hitch is low. As learners, you’ll need to stay flexible in your outlook. “It is more important than ever to …

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Cascade Is Here To Revolutionise The South African Liquor Industry!

Glasses of wine

Cascade Holdings officially opened its doors today and is poised to disrupt the South African bar, events and liquor industries. Cascade is a dynamic, multi-dimensional organisation offering solutions that will revolutionise various aspects of the South African drinks industry. The brainchild of Adam Chaskalson, Tyrone Lasarow and Shaun Duwe, Cascade …

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New To Motherhood in Covid-19 Times

New Mother ADSA Pregnancy Awareness Week 2021

The six weeks after childbirth, known as the post-partum period, is a vulnerable time for women and their infants.  The impacts of the ongoing pandemic have only heightened concerns that new mothers in South Africa are able to access the care and resources they need as they step into motherhood. …

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How to Keep School Holiday Boredom at Bay

Kids Having Fun

When the school holidays kick off at the end of the year, kids are a bundle of uncontainable energy. And who can blame them? The prospect of unwinding for a month would make even the most stoic adult bounce off the walls. There’s just one problem: one month is a …

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How To Know When Your Child Needs Breathing Room

Child having difficulty breathing

COVID-19, a respiratory disease, has been a particularly stressful time for parents to young children. This is because the symptoms of the virus, which includes a tight chest, coughing and shortness of breath, can easily be confused with other respiratory viruses. One such virus, and one that parents need to …

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