Behind The Scenes 04 March 2022 – I’m A Nova Choc-Oh-Late Ambassador!

This week behind the scenes 04 March 2022 has improved big time. After struggling with a brutal tummy bug for a week, then struggling to get my energy and strength back as well as catching up on work things are getting much easier now. I’ve had some exciting news and also had some great things delivered to unbox during my live video.

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Nova Choc-Oh-Late Ambassador

in January I did a review of Nova Choc-Oh-Late and this week they contacted me to ask me if I would be an ambassador for Nova Choc-Oh-Late for 6 months. This means I get to eat Nova Choc-Oh-Late for 6 months and share about it. Oh yes please! I can think of nothing more fitting for me than being an ambassador for an amazing chocolate brand like Nova Choc-Oh-Late, so watch this space.

The best part is that Nova Choc-Oh-Late is not only yummy, it is sugar free and gluten free so it is also guilt free!

Covid Booster Vaccine

Recently I got an sms saying I am due for my covid booster shot and that really makes me happy. No I don’t like injections but I am super happy to keep myself and everyone around me safe. I got my booster shot at Dischem in Vredenburg. It was super easy and quick to book an appointment. I booked on Monday night and went in on Tuesday morning. I was in and out in 15 minutes flat.

Superbalist Delivery

My daughter has grown so tall and has hardly any clothing for winter, so I did some shopping at Superbalist for her. I absolutely love Superbalist – they have amazing quality clothing, a great fit finder tool, fast delivery and great prices. They also often have sales so I look out for those when I’m doing my shopping.

I bought the cutest denim dungarees, a long sleeve black rib top, a human kind printed t-shirt, a Billabong out in the African sun t-shirt, and a stargazing printed t-shirt. Everything fits perfectly, is comfortable and looks amazing. The total for this order was R1600, with free delivery.

My Kids Are Getting Their Own Phones Soon

I received my new phone this week – a Samsung A52, and it looks great. I haven’t started using it though, since while I enjoy having a new phone setting everything up gets me into a twistie so I need to find the time to do all of that. My dad has also upgrade his phone recently so his old phone and my old phone are going to my kids.

This is the first time they are going to have their own phones and I’m still in the process of figuring out how I’m going to work it. While the phones will be “theirs” the rule is going to be that they are my phones that they get the use and they can use them according to a set of rules. I’m still working on those rules.

I’m so grateful that I will be doing a trade exchange with FYI play it safe, which I will be using in conjunction with Google Family Link. Google Family Link will allow me to set limits and restrict what they are allowed to do, while FYI play it safe will monitor what they do online while giving them privacy. FYI play it safe will alert me if there is anything of concern. It monitors whether dangerous apps are downloaded, checks for bullying activity, pornography, swearing, possible grooming and more.

Once I have both phones for my kids I’m going to hook up with Rachelle from FYI play it safe to get set up.

Sign up to FYI play it safe using coupon code kaboutjie and get 10% off your subscription.

Amazon A5 6 Hole Punch

I love my A5 organizer, the only thing is that I have always wanted to create some custom planner pages but the difficulty has been finding an A5 6 hole punch. There are very few places in South Africa that stock them, and the places that do stock them charge a fortune. The beauty about buying from Amazon is that I can buy using Amazon gift cards that I earn through Ysense.

This means that even if the product is quite pricey I’m not having to convert ZAR into USD to buy from Amazon. There are so many amazing products at Amazon, including things that you struggle to find here.

My A5 6 hole punch from Amazon arrived this week and it has made it so much more fun to do my organising and planning.

Golden Products Samples Update

I am loving the LCD and Super Gro samples that Chantal from @meet_the_neutrals gave me  a few weeks ago. Due to being so sick I have only managed to use them twice but they have really worked well. After just two washes my hair is so soft, much less knotty and easy to brush, plus my hair loss has reduced significantly.

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  3. Nice Lynne, you’re quite a busy lady.
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