Behind The Scenes 24 June 2022 – June School Holidays

The term has finally come to an end with the June school holidays starting today, and it has been another busy week behind the scenes 24 June 2022. I’m so relieved that the school holidays are here, it means no more rushing around and getting up in the cold!

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Behind The Scenes 24 June 2022

Watch The Replay Of My Facebook Live Video – Behind The Scenes 24 June 2022

You can watch the replay of my live video on Facebook (below) or in the Youtube video above the post.

Q Photo Photobook For Trip To Cape Town

We had an amazing trip to Cape Town 2 weeks ago, packed full of activities and visits with friends. This week my photobook capturing all those memories arrived and I’m so happy with it. Before creating photobooks all my photos were stored on my laptop and we hardly ever looked at any photos.

Go to Q Photo  and order the Everyday Photobook with 15 % off when you use the voucher code 2022KABOUTJIEJUNE – valid until 08 July 2022.

There is a money back quality guarantee and you can also share a free digital copy of your photobook via email. These photobooks will also make an amazing gift, you can order gift cards here.

Jurassic World Mega Destroyer

My son is over the moon with the Pentaceratops Jurassic World Mega Destroyer toy that arrived this week! Nothing like a dinosaur toy to keep the enthusiasm going for the Jurassic World: Dominion movie that has just come out. We are going to try and see the movie during the school holidays. More to follow soon on this superb toy.

The Jurassic World Mega Destroyer available at Takealot, Toy Kingdom & Toys R Us. 

Break Up Day – School Holidays

I don’t know if it is just me, but this second term felt incredibly long and hard. Every school term I start off strong when it comes to being organised and in a good routine. As the term goes on I lose momentum and by the last week of term it seems anything goes because I’m tired and struggle to keep up.

That was very true of the last week with my kids going to bed after 10pm on Thursday night, extended screen time every day so I could rest a bit and late suppers every night. Of course increased loadshedding added into the mix was also to blame for a lot too.

I love break up day, it means turning off my alarms and knowing I have a few weeks where I don’t have to get up early for a few weeks or rush around like crazy with school lifts and extra mural activities.

No More Masks

I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about the fact that we no longer have to wear masks. There is still a concern around Covid-19 and a lot of people have voiced worry about the Monkeypox outbreak. I’m just glad that my kids don’t have to wear a mask all day at school anymore.

The mask mandate did not affect me much since I work from home and don’t go out much, other than a few trips here and there for grocery shopping. It was strange walking into a mall without a mask this week. I’ve become so used to having my face covered, it almost felt like I was walking around half naked!

My kids asked if we can have a mask burning ceremony at home, but since we don’t know what is going to happen with this pandemic moving forward I told them we need to hang onto them for a little bit longer and see how it pans out before we do that.

Moving Home And Redecorating With Ysense Earnings

We are moving to Laaiplek in a few months and I’m so excited about this move. My kids will have their own room for the first time ever, plus the house is really amazing with an enclosed garden so that my kids can play safely outside without me having to be there to watch them all the time.

I’ve always wanted to have a lovely home that I can decorate and make my own, however, my life has not been conducive to this. I was in active addiction for 15 years and constantly had to start over after losing everything I had due to my addiction. When I got clean I fell pregnant very early on.

Making a home beautiful has not been possible. Most of our furniture has been hand me downs from friends and family, or cheap things that we bought because we couldn’t afford to buy better things. Add into the mix that we have always rented (so we can’t really make it out own) plus our young kids wrecked all the furniture (as they do)… the result is that everything we have is old and/ or broken.

I’ve been doing really well with my Ysense earnings, and I’ve decided to use all of my earnings in the future to decorate our new home and make it really nice through Amazon purchases. I’ve been adding so many things to my wish list and next week I will be making my first home decor purchases. I’m going to start with my bedroom, then the kids rooms, followed by the rest of the house.

We are moving to my father in law’s home and he is building a flat onto the property for himself. It is going to be a fantastic arrangement.

I also ordered a beautiful new handbag from Amazon which may arrive in the next few days. I can’t wait to receive it and show you in one of my live videos! Check it out in the ad below – I bought the chocolate 11.8″.

Make Money Online– Ysense, SurveyTime And Sweatcoin

My Ysense earnings for completing surveys and offers, playing games, and referring others is still going strong and like I mentioned above I am going to be cashing out in Amazon gift cards moving forward to buy awesome things for our new home in a few months. You can read how Ysense works in my review, and also check out this post on how to increase your Ysense earnings. I’m averaging around earning $100 a month from Ysense.

Click here to join Ysense.

Another fantastic survey site is SurveyTime – I don’t earn nearly as much as with Ysense, however I really love this platform. You can only earn through surveys and most surveys are $1 per survey and they pay out immediately without having to reach a cash out amount. You can cash out via Paypal, Amazon gift card, or Coinbase. I recently wrote a review on SurveyTime, click here to read it.

Click here to join SurveyTime.

Another great app I’m using is Sweatcoin. You earn through walking. For every 1000 steps you take you earn 5 Sweatcoins. You can then cash out Sweatcoins for offers on the app. I’m very keen to get my review on this app published, however, they are launching SWEAT crypto soon and I want to incorporate that into my review so I’m waiting on that.

Click here to join Sweatcoin.

Shopping Apps (Vouchers, Cashback) – SnapnSave, BuySmart, PanelSmart, ibottit, Entertainer, And Hyperli

I’m loving all the apps that I am using to save money, get cash back, and earn vouchers.

My favourite app that gives the most back is SnapnSave. SnapnSave is a free app that has cash back offers on your everyday purchases. I’ve been with them since the beginning of the year and I’ve made back over R1500 so far. Read my SnapnSave review here.

BuySmart works on Whatsapp and rewards you for buying Tiger Brands products. I’m quite new to using BuySmart so I will write a review once I’ve used it for a bit longer. Sign up now by sending a WhatsApp message saying “Hi” to 072 897 6278.

PanelSmart is a market research app and they reward you for recording all your purchases on their app. I’m also quite new to this app and still figuring some things out before I write my review. Sign up for PanelSmart  here.

ibottit is another great rewards app. You submit your till slips and earn 20 points per slip that you submit (max 16 slips per 30 days). They also sometimes have quick surveys available that earn you 50 points per survey. You can cash out points for rewards and the rewards change all the time. I’ve seen vouchers for Takealot, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Sorbet, Exclusive Books, and more. 500 points equals R50. It is so quick and easy to use. I have over 2000 points already and will cash out when I hit 2500 points then I will write a review on ibottit.

The Entertainer is an awesome app that gives two for one deals, as well as other deals, on meals, accommodation, activities, massages, and more. It is a paid app, however, if you are with FNB you can get it for free through the FNB app. I’m with FNB so I have it for free and I’ve used it plenty of times. I highly recommend it. If you are always out and on the go it will still be worth paying for since you can get your money’s worth even if you use it just once.

Hyperli is an app that is very similar to The Entertainer, offering discounted meals, accommodation, and activities of all kinds. It is a free app so it is definitely worth checking out!

Addiction eBook

I spoke a bit earlier in the post about my addiction and the consequences I’ve had to face. I’ve had to learn some very hard lessons. I wrote an ebook about my days in addiction, highlighting how powerless I was and the huge denial that I was in. Get 50% off my addiction ebook The arkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn using coupon code TG36N.

Website Giveaways

There are some great giveaways running on my website, check them out:

I wish you all an awesome June school holiday and will catch up with you soon!

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  1. gettin gup in the cold is never easy, going to be ordering my qphoto book this weeek, a mask burning ceremony sounds great. i have been so busy this week, but i see a quiet zeek coming up, will be catching up on a few things that i have missed, i havent done any surveys but i did not stop using snap and save

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yep I’ve also been keeping up with SnapnSave, my kids are so into it now and check for sweets and chocolates LOL. They know if I get money back I’m much more likely to treat them. You will love the photobook!

  2. Tshegofatso Washington

    Getting up early is never easy lol, especially not in this cold! I’m so glad you’re all gonna get a bit more rest.
    Can’t wait to hear more about this dinosaur toy, my son absolutely love toys I love getting them for him, even though I think he’s still a bit too young for them as he destroys them very quickly! Excuse the pun, haha.
    I’m happy that we don’t have to wear masks anymore, because wow, it sure got stuffy hey! Especially instores, but my,my,my, I’m so terrified for my little boy. We have had Covid before, It was not a nice time. And now we have to deal with Monkey Pox? My goodness.
    Congratulations on the move! Where did the kids sleep before? In your room? Gosh that must have been hectic.

    • Nope the kids share a room and I have my own room. That would have been really rough for 10+ years lol. The dinosaur toy looks really hardy and excellent quality, it won’t break easily at all. I will share on this more soon!

      Yes there are still worries regarding covid of course, but its well over 2 years of mask wearing and I’m so relieved that we don’t have to wear masks anymore!

  3. ??this is the worst school holidays ever it’s cold kids are extremely snotty and no electricity at all Eskom hit us bad this holiday,I thought holidays would be my time on cashing surveys and all apps for making money but unfortunately network is bad cz of blackouts
    Congratulations Lynne on a new place to move to,I know kids love freedom of being outdoors playing but safety first so if you find a great place it’s a relief for you and family these robbers are making us to live in fear in our homes

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Oh I hear you Sandra – this week has been horrific with power outages. That is why we spent so much time going out in the last week. It’s so much easier than sitting at home without power.

  4. Boys and dinosaurs never go wrong
    This kind of toy is every boy’s love
    They definitely going to be extremely expensive when they hit the shops

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