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Your Guide To Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Rubbing Cream Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Pregnancy is an amazing and exciting time for women, a new life is developing and there are so many incredible milestones to look forward to such as your baby’s first kick and when your baby bump starts being visible. Along with all these amazing things comes some not so great …

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Ten Essential Oils For Stretch Marks That Really Work

Essential oils with yellow and orange flowers

Essential oils for stretch marks are something that everyone who is battling this issue should have in their bathroom closet! There are many essential oils for stretch marks that really work well. Essential oils are concentrated liquids that are found naturally in seeds, bark, roots, stems, flowers, and other parts of various plants. …

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4 Reasons Stretch Marks Are Sexy

Reasons stretch marks are sexy

Us women are always stressed about our stretch marks and trying to figure out ways to get rid of our stretch marks from pregnancy. Kirstina Kuzmic gives some really good reasons why our stretch marks are awesome and sexy instead and I love this video.

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