10 Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy

Hayley Page shares some of the things that she went through during her pregnancy that she wasn’t aware of that would happen when you are pregnant. She shares some of the weird pregnancy symptoms, aches and pains that took her by surprise.

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  1. The most symptoms I get with my both sides pregnancy is a strange taste in my mouth and it’s so irritating and it’s only go when I deliver for the whole nine months it’s with me and I really hate it is don’t even know what to do with it

  2. Elize Swanepoel

    LOL, thanks for a great video Hayley.

    This is so true. I found myself Googling symptoms and other related issues when I was pregnant all the time.

    *No one prepared me for the nausea I experienced during my first trimester. It’s NOT like normal nausea. It is much worse and mine usually started in the afternoon and was at it’s worst by night time.

    *I was feeling a bit depressed because at times I felt a bit isolated especially with the symptoms and body changes that I was going through. My hormones were all over the place which means my feelings were intensified by about ten. I found two baby kittens the day before Christmas (which I couldn’t keep) and I fed and cared for them until the adoption family came to fetch them. I literally couldn’t stop crying. I mourned for about three days until it got better.

    *I had anxiety a lot of times. I was worried that I wouldn’t know what to do when that little baby starts crying and I wondered what kind of Mommy I would be. And most of all I was scared of what will happen during the birth itself.

    *I had this stabbing pain in my low right side starting during the second trimester. My Gynie said that it was my uterus or something. My body was basically preparing for birth.

    *Oh my word, the peeing. It was incredibly irritating. It feels like you’re going to wet your pants and then it’s just a few drops. I was in agony with my swollen feet and the baby resting on my bladder during the third trimester. Having to run for the loo every now and again was pure torture.

    But at the end it was all worth it. 😀

  3. What I wish someone had told me is that third time is a charm doesn’t apply to pregnancies, lol…

    • I’ve been pregnant 3 times but unfortunately my third pregnancy didn’t get very far. I found out I was pregnant when I was miscarrying. My first pregnancy was incredibly hard on me and my second was a breeze in comparison. However the sciatic, pelvic pain, heartburn and every other niggle and pain was still present just not severe like my first.

      I doubt “third time is a charm” applies to pregnancy!

  4. This is awesome I couldn’t take the vomiting thaught sumting will happend to me and baby but was reassured by my doctor lol that was with my 1st pregnancy did not know what to expect

  5. The only thing I could not stand during 1st trimester was morning sickness. I had lost weight drastically because I couldn’t eat. During the 3rd trimester I could not stand the pelvic pains. I remember waking up one day in the early hours and all I could do was cry. I thought I was going into labour.

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