Making Work From Home a Pleasure With Bang & Olufsen

Family work from home

Working from home has moved from an occasional occurrence to an everyday expectation. Embrace the potential for flexibility and reduce challenges by creating a home office space that supports and nourishes you. Home Office Ideas So much of our home life is now digital that it can be tempting to …

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Little Bake Boutique – Beautiful Custom Cakes

Little Bake Boutique cake designs

Little Bake Boutique is a mom-run business that offers stunning and delicious custom made cakes. I came across their page on Facebook and fell in love with the beautiful and unique cake designs so I contacted Little Bake Boutique to find out more about the company to share it with …

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4 Tips for Women on How to Empower Yourself in the Workplace

Confident woman

Women in general have all been treated unequally or told that they cannot do something because they are female. We have all felt emotionally, mentally, or physically helpless because of a man.  Emotional, physical, or sexual harassment, unequal career opportunities or pay, and being called names for being assertive, are …

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Mediology – From Brags To Pitches 15 years On

Ana Mediology

The media industry is not for the fainthearted. Talent only stretches so far – determination, agility, hard work, resilience, passion and true grit are essential to be in it for the long haul. To start a media agency and just survive is no small feat; but to grow exponentially is …

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An Unbreakable Woman Takes The Stage – Launch Of A New Book

Natasha Morgan

The Japanese saying goes: “Fall down seven times, get up eight,” and is personified by businesswoman Natasha Morgan. Natasha has faced numerous challenges in her life that have knocked her down but continues to get up and persevere in spite of these challenges. An Unbreakable Woman is her breakthrough book that details …

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7 Tips On How Mompreneurs Can Sell On AWS Marketplace

Mom selling online

AWS Marketplace is an excellent place for selling your goods online. In this post, we will share tips on how mompreneurs can sell on AWS Marketplace. Check the Requirements and Complete the Banking and Tax Wizard The best way to begin is by reviewing the requirements under the “Getting Started …

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The Trick To Customising Your Business Insurance

Woman Working At Store

Business insurance is more than an item you tick off of your entrepreneurial to-do list. It’s the crucial cushion that you need in this day and age where the risks of owning your own empire are more present than previously thought possible. It’s the type of insurance that should intentionally …

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