Mediology – From Brags To Pitches 15 years On

Ana Mediology

The media industry is not for the fainthearted. Talent only stretches so far – determination, agility, hard work, resilience, passion and true grit are essential to be in it for the long haul. To start a media agency and just survive is no small feat; but to grow exponentially is …

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An Unbreakable Woman Takes The Stage – Launch Of A New Book

Natasha Morgan

The Japanese saying goes: “Fall down seven times, get up eight,” and is personified by businesswoman Natasha Morgan. Natasha has faced numerous challenges in her life that have knocked her down but continues to get up and persevere in spite of these challenges. An Unbreakable Woman is her breakthrough book that details …

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7 Tips On How Mompreneurs Can Sell On AWS Marketplace

Mom selling online

AWS Marketplace is an excellent place for selling your goods online. In this post, we will share tips on how mompreneurs can sell on AWS Marketplace. Check the Requirements and Complete the Banking and Tax Wizard The best way to begin is by reviewing the requirements under the “Getting Started …

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10 Fun, Educational Ways for Moms to Make Money at Home

Mom working on bed with baby

Thanks to technology, you can get yourself a side gig that allows you to generate income while the kids are studying, sleeping, or hanging out with their grandparents. Whether you’re looking to fill your spare hours to keep your brain cells from dying or working to make extra pocket money, …

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The Trick To Customising Your Business Insurance

Woman Working At Store

Business insurance is more than an item you tick off of your entrepreneurial to-do list. It’s the crucial cushion that you need in this day and age where the risks of owning your own empire are more present than previously thought possible. It’s the type of insurance that should intentionally …

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Why You Want To Start A Mom Blog Today

Mom Blog

There are so many moms that want to start a mom blog and right now is the perfect time. This pandemic has hit hard for most families all over the world. Many working moms have lost their jobs due to company closures, or they have left their jobs to stay …

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Media Biography: Grace Stevens

Grace Stevens Media Release

Grace Stevens – award-winning TV chef, cookbook author and mastermind behind Grace Stevens everyday baking and decorating – has successfully taken her two passions, baking and teaching, and seamlessly combined them into insightful and entertaining culinary classes.  Grace began her professional career as a teacher and spent 10 years teaching …

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Should You Integrate Your Website With A POS System?

Laptop woman's hands

There are lots of benefits attached to integrating your website with a POS system. Below are some of the amazing benefits you stand to gain from integrating your websites. It Eliminates the Use of Manual Data Entry Like many other retailers, you are probably running your POS separate from your …

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5 Reasons To Make Use Of Messaging Platforms For Your Business

Woman messaging

So much is changing in the way that businesses market and manage their business communications. Twenty years ago business relied on telephonic and fax communication as their main methods of communication with customers and suppliers. Advertising and marketing efforts were conducted through traditional advertising  methods such as newspapers, telephone books, …

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8 Pros And Cons Of Self Employment For Moms

Many parents find self employment appealing and there are a good many reasons why. However while there are some amazing benefits working for yourself, you need to look at all the pros and cons of self employment for moms before making any changes. Pros Of Self Employment Set Your Own …

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6 Simple Tips For Starting A Baby Store

Baby Store

Becoming a mother for the first time was the most amazing, scary and beautiful experience of my life. It also brought about so many challenges for me, including the feeling of losing myself. Yes being a mother was amazing and it brought me so much joy and fulfillment in many …

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