Should You Integrate Your Website With A POS System?

Laptop woman's hands

There are lots of benefits attached to integrating your website with a POS system. Below are some of the amazing benefits you stand to gain from integrating your websites. It Eliminates the Use of Manual Data Entry Like many other retailers, you are probably running your POS separate from your …

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5 Reasons To Make Use Of Messaging Platforms For Your Business

Woman messaging

So much is changing in the way that businesses market and manage their business communications. Twenty years ago business relied on telephonic and fax communication as their main methods of communication with customers and suppliers. Advertising and marketing efforts were conducted through traditional advertising  methods such as newspapers, telephone books, …

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8 Pros And Cons Of Self Employment For Moms

Many parents find self employment appealing and there are a good many reasons why. However while there are some amazing benefits working for yourself, you need to look at all the pros and cons of self employment for moms before making any changes. Pros Of Self Employment Set Your Own …

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6 Simple Tips For Starting A Baby Store

Baby Store

Becoming a mother for the first time was the most amazing, scary and beautiful experience of my life. It also brought about so many challenges for me, including the feeling of losing myself. Yes being a mother was amazing and it brought me so much joy and fulfillment in many …

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6 Amazing Ways For Moms To Make Money From Home

Mom working from home with kids

It has been such an honour to have Lauren Kinghorn from Inspiring Mompreneurs join me live on my Facebook page today. Lauren and I met a few years ago on an amazing blogging platform we both joined to learn how to blog and make money online and we are firm …

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10 Best Productivity Tips Mompreneurs Need To Know

One of the main hurdles you’ll have to overcome as a mompreneur is knowing how to stay productive. You’ll ask yourself how you’ll be able to fit everything you need to finish into the day and wonder whether you’ll have the time. There is nothing you can do to make …

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9 Smart Ideas For Online Income For Stay At Home Moms

Mom working from home

In today’s economy, having multiple sources of income is not only easy but also necessary. Acknowledging the hustle in the present time, you can consider looking for activities that give you a passive income. Passive income is the money earned through a variety of ventures that require minimal effort. Whether …

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How To Start A Successful Business

Starting a new business is a dream for many employees and stay at home moms. It offers the chance to follow your passion, be your own boss, and make some serious profit. The reality can be harder work than the dream suggests, however, so be prepared to put in some …

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5 Logo Design Ideas for Child Care Businesses

Childcare Business

It’s the little fonts that can make the difference. That one curve and blend in the letters that can speak a whole lot more. Or, that one simplistic style that will blend in. Creating a logo for your child care business is no child’s play. Logo designing isn’t for those …

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7 Signs The Freelance Life Is Made For You

Smart work station

Some people have a steady day job and they are earning quite well, but they are not happy on the inside, because they want for their life something more than a nine-to-five job. If you find yourself in this scenario then there are great chances you to have already checked …

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5 Secrets When Starting a Small Business

Business Planning

Have you ever thought of opening your own business? You probably have thought about a fast track to earning big money. Everyone thinks about their ideal business, but if you truly want to be an entrepreneur, you have to make your dream a reality. There are a lot of excuses …

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