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What Are Real Estate Postcards And Why Successful Realtors Invest In Them

If you’re thinking of entering the real estate industry or just starting, you may wonder what postcards are and what they do. It’s pretty simple. These cards are a marketing tool to ensure that you have clients coming to you and creating solid lists that would make a long-lasting and sustainable business. Another benefit that you’ll experience is the ability to buy cards in bulk and appeal to hundreds of people at once. 

What Are Real Estate Postcards And Why Successful Realtors Invest In Them

Keep reading below to understand better how real estate postcards can help you!

What Are Real Estate Postcards?

Real estate postcards are a mailer that you send out to different areas to gain attention from potential clients. They have the appearance of a business card, and they hold valuable information that you want people to notice about you. For example, a just listed card will showcase a home that has just been put on the market. It shows people that you’re ahead of the game and can find the great houses they are looking for. 

Your name and headshot will appear along with any other pertinent information. That includes your site and additional contact information. 

Why Do Agents Invest In Real Estate Postcards?

Agents will invest in real estate postcards because they have been proven to be a highly effective marketing tool for getting the attention you need. After all, you can appeal to a massive crowd instead of one person at a time. For example, most agents will buy their real estate postcards in batches of one hundred or more to ensure that they can get their cards to every house in their chosen area. If you do this consecutively over a year, you can make six figures or more. 

The Return On Investment Is High

Because real estate postcards are so affordable, you can buy a great deal at bulk prices. However, when you obtain your commission on the home you’ve closed, you’ll see your investment returned. For example, let’s say you have sent one hundred cards to an area, and you get a home sold for three hundred thousand dollars. You have quickly regained the card cost and sent out more batches in the future. If you are consistent and avoid negligence when sending them out, you could potentially sell a dozen homes or more a year.

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Establish Your Presence

Establishing your presence is far easier with real estate postcards. You can farm an entire area, get your name out there and establish your brand more efficiently. In addition to this, you’ll find that it provides more opportunity, and you’ll obtain a solid return on investment. Now that you understand what real estate postcards are and how they work, you can gain the clients you need while ensuring that you stand out adequately. Just remember to have your postcards look professional and that you need to farm an area for at least a year. That will give you the high salary that you’re seeking.

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