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Easyearn Review – Don’t Waste Your Time On This Scam!

When I see people sharing links on social media for making money online I’m always keen to check them out. I love making money online and trying out new apps. So when I saw people sharing links for easy-earn.org I signed up and tried it out. Read my Easyearn review to find out the truth about this money making scam.

Easyearn Review Scam

What Is Easyearn About?

Easyearn claims to be a platform to earn easy money online through watching videos, playing games, and referring others. You can watch up to 3 videos a day to earn. You can also apparently earn $2 for every click on your referral link and $10 for every person that signs up under you. The minimum cash out amount is $200.

My Easyearn Review

When I signed up immediately it said I’ve earned $25 just for signing up. I checked out the section for games and apps to earn money and talk about dodgy. I clicked on a few offers and every single one took me to dodgy looking competition websites. There are no games or real offers, you only get referred to the same dodgy competitions. I apparently won loads of cash, an iPhone, and a Samsung s22 – but every single one said I must just pay delivery of R25 to R35. Not a chance am I putting my credit card details into any of those sites!

The minimum cash out amount is $200 and I made that quickly, within about an hour of signing up. That was through watching 3 videos and having a few people sign up under me. So I went to cash out and suddenly the goal post had moved and I also needed 30 referrals… in addition to that they also have a section where you can buy referrals… what??!!??!!

I got my 30 referrals (thanks to those that signed up under me when I shared on my page saying I’m going to check them out) and successfully requested my pay out. I got a message saying my $559 payment will be made on the 28 January.

Easyearn cashout

Another dodgy thing I noticed is that when you are on their platform there are notifications coming every few seconds stating a user has cashed out. It shows their username, amount they cashed out, and cash out method. It looks like loads of people are being paid every minute. However, if you stay on that page and watch the notifications you will see that it is just the same 10 notifications that rotate. If you go to another page on their platform you will see it changes slightly but it is still most of the same notifications. If you go back the next day to have a look its the same notifications. It is very deceptive.

Did I get paid my $559? Obviously not. Not only did the 28th January come and go with no payment, when I decided to login after the 28th just to check what was happening suddenly my password wouldn’t work and there is no password reset button. Am I surprised? No not at all.

I am not a newbie to making money online, through my own website, as well as through signing up on platforms online for making money online. All the typical signs of a scam were there and something I know very well is that there is no such thing as “easy money”. It is possible to make money online but it takes time and hard work, especially when it comes to platforms where you can make money from watching videos, playing games and completing surveys.

They clearly make their money through the dodgy offers on their site with scamming people out of money paying for delivery of prizes that they will never receive as well as making people pay for referrals so they can “cash out”. Stay far away from Easy Earn!

Also watch out for people that share links saying they have been paid out. I have seen so many people posting online saying they have been “paid out” by Easyearn and sharing their sign up links. There is a BIG difference between being paid and requesting a payment that never arrives. I only say that I’ve been paid when the money is in my hand, not when I get a dodgy screenshot saying they will pay me $559.

Is Easy Earn Legit? Definitely Not!

Remember the golden rule – if something looks too good to be true it most likely is a scam!

If you are looking for some legit ways to make money online from home try these sites that I have personally tested and receive my payments:

  • Ysense – you can earn through completing surveys and offers, playing games, and referring others. Click here to sign up and also please read my Ysense review for more information.
  • Surveytime – you can earn through completing surveys but don’t bother sharing your referral links since while I have been paid out for every survey completed they have never paid me for any referrals and have not responded to any queries. You can read my SurveyTime review.
  • Rewardy – you can earn through watching videos, playing games, and completing online surveys and offers. You can sign up here. I will be writing a review on it soon so keep your eyes open for it.
  • The Salt – this is a platform that is looking for people to promote products on social media, you don’t have to be an influencer or blogger like me, anyone can join. I will be writing a review on my website soon as it is really a lovely platform. While you might not get approved for a campaign for a while, when you do it is nice money and really fun to do. You can sign up here.

I’m always keen to try out new platforms to make money online so feel free to share them with me in the comments or inbox me on Facebook if you want to know if they are legit or not. I’m happy to test them and write a review on my website.

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  1. so glad I waited for your review and didn’t waste time.

    • The sad thing is that so many apps that promise to pay out don’t. I think it’s awful how so many people choose to make a living scamming others. While many scams don’t take money, they do take time and they also fill people with hope and then crush them. It’s rotten and makes me so annoyed. I’ve tested so many of these apps that I don’t excited until I see the money is in my account, not some promise of a payment.

  2. Thank you, I’ve already sign up

  3. Monique Delcarme-Adams

    Thank you for testing and getting back to us. So glad I never wasted my time

  4. Thank you so much for this information.

  5. yes I also feel that it is a scam, because no matter how mamy friends I have invited, the figure still stayed on 1. There is probably no way to report them so I will just not waste anymore time.

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