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10 Incredible Benefits of Boxing for Kids

Kid boxing

There’s a unique new generation of youth that spends most of their everyday lives glued to electronics. There’s a huge disconnect between reality and things like social media. Studies show that young people need at least 30 minutes a day dedicated to exercise to promote healthy growth. Although health and …

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Brand New Video Series (Just For Toddlers) Sends a Positive Message

How Two Videos just for toddlers

Toddlers. Generally they are made of equal parts adorableness and unpredictability. Before motherhood, I never knew there were people out there whose composure depended completely upon the color of a juice cup. These same little creatures can be expected to turn down a “yucky” mango but will sneak a slurp …

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Making Sock Puppets with Kids

make sock puppets with kids

Are you always finding lonely socks lying around? How about putting them to good use and making sock puppets with the kids? They’re so easy to make – you only need a few materials! – and putting them together is sure to bring out your child’s creative side. The fun …

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