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7 Fun Activities To Plan For Your Kids

Be it a sunny day or an extended vacation from school. Children are always up for some playtime. Playing helps kids develop new skills, explore different ideas, and burn energy. The simple act of inviting your children to play with you speaks volumes about your unwavering love for them. It demonstrates your genuine interest in them and catalyzes a deeper connection between you.

However, as a parent, you might be wondering where to begin. Luckily, the options are virtually endless when it comes to games you may play with your kids. To get you started, we have put together some of the best activities below:

7 Fun Activities To Plan For Your Kids

  1. Leverage Music

Most children enjoy music for the same reasons that adults do. It allows them to flex their dance moves without being judged and express themselves as vocally as possible. Besides, music also contributes in other tangible ways to children’s growth. Among other things, music improves language skills, boosts confidence, sparks creativity, and much more. That is why you should engage your kids in music activities.

You may begin by introducing them to music classes. Apart from ensuring unbound fun, music classes could be an excellent way to discover your kid’s hidden musical talent. You can find fun music classes for kids of all ages, regardless of where you live. So even if you have children of varying ages, you can find age-appropriate music classes for all of them.

Another fun music-centric pastime might be to change your children’s regular playlists to expose them to new songs. Get everyone in the family involved. Let them compile a playlist of nostalgic tunes they remember from yesteryears. That way, children can learn about different kinds of music, musical instruments, and singers while having fun with their aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends.

  1. Encourage Storytelling

In this entertaining activity, the kids write down stories on paper. You can divide children into groups by assigning them different spaces. Or you may also let them choose a friend or family member they want to work with. Use the storytelling prompts jar to create a more competitive setting.

Grab some shredded pieces of paper and an empty jar from your kitchen. Write a random word or phrase on each of the scraps of paper. It might be anything, including a dog, a cat, a princess, or even a plain sentence. Fill the jar with all the shredded papers. Now pass around pieces of paper, and children can take turns selecting a scrap of paper and using the prompt to make up stories. Regardless of what is written on the paper, your child must narrate a story utilizing that word or phrase. You can help them out of a rut by using various cues.

  1. Set Up A Treasure Hunt

Hide small objects around your home. Print a map of your house and draw a line on the map for each item of hidden loot. Once done, give your kid a tour of the area on the map and let them search for the hidden treasure. Tell them you are always there if they get stranded during the hunting game.

When playing with older children, you might use word cards to explain where you buried the treasure. For instance, you could come up with tricky riddles such as “if you leave me open, it will get chilly, and I will make a bing bing noise.” The statement hints at the refrigerator. This fun hybrid of a quiz and a hunt is a massive hit with kids.

Kids treasure hunt

  1. Make A Tin Can Telephone

Creating a tin-can telephone is a great way to demonstrate the principles of vibration and sound waves to your children. Even if you own a cell phone, conversing on it does not come close to being as much fun as communicating on a tin can phone.

Take two cans with rounded edges so children don’t injure themselves. Then, you need to make a hole in the base and insert a string or wire to connect the cans. To ensure the thread or wire stays in place, tie a knot at both ends. Even though a string model cannot transmit sound, it can demonstrate how waves appear when the cans are wiggled. Some sounds will be transmitted through the tin model, simulating a real-life telephone conversation.

  1. Organize A Picnic

Kids love picnics. However, it would be best to plan your outing carefully to make the most of it. To begin with, select the picnic location ahead of time. For nature calls, find out where the closest restrooms are on your trip.

You should bring tools appropriate for the environment, such as fishing nets, spades, buckets, and the like. A storage bin or freezer bag full of Legos makes for excellent quieter playtime. Likewise, an afternoon spent in the woods with a bag full of fairy wands and plastic swords will inspire some fantastical adventures.

Make sure your picnic is not overly complicated. The whole point of going for a picnic is to unwind. Therefore, try to keep preparations as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

  1. Create A Sandbox Playground

How about making a sandbox play area? You need not stress over your children bringing the beach indoors on their shoes. Instead, gravel will get the job done for you. Using pebbles and stones, create a perimeter around an area (preferably five feet wide and long). You can fill the space between the boulders with gravel, which you can purchase at a nearby store.

After doing so, you will have an instant playground that looks like a sandbox but where you do not have to deal with the hassle of actual sand. If your child enjoys playing with toys that roll or have figures, consider laying down wooden planks over part of the border stones to inspire a story.

  1. Gardening

Gardening is an age-old activity that brings generations together for laughter and fresh air. You should take the kids and family to a local gardening store, such as a nursery, to get a feel for what is available and how it works.

The best way to get your kids excited about gardening is to let them pick their seeds. Planting seeds with your kids is just the beginning. After that, you can all work together to create a watering routine.


When you have a big family and work long hours, finding ways to keep your children active and happy can be challenging. It can be time-consuming and expensive to arrange fun activities for your children. However, with some planning and an open mind, you can fit in the truly out-of-the-ordinary pastimes, such as the ones listed above, for your young darlings in your hectic routine.

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