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Toddler Alphabet Learning Activities

Learning about things is a part of everyday life for toddlers. As we know, children are at their growing age where the rate of their learning capacity is at its peak and therefore they can easily learn new words. If they are in their highest learning phase then why don’t we use this opportunity and help them to learn some basic preschooler stuff?

For this purpose, here are a collection of fun and engaging toddler learning alphabet activities that help your toddler to learn and recognise the letters of the alphabet easily.

Toddler Alphabet Learning Activities

Toddler Alphabet Learning Activities

Following are the effective toddler alphabet learning activities that help them to recognize the letters of the alphabet in a fun way.

Activities To Recognise The Letters Of The Alphabet

Here are the top 5 fun activities to identify the letter of the alphabet:

  1. An ABC Mat

An ABC mat is one of the best learning activity tools to get your child engaged for longer. Playing on the colorful mat enhances their motor skills and helps them to identify the alphabet while playing.

  1. Alphabet Maze Activity

The alphabet maze activity is a fun idea for toddlers to strengthen their alphabet recognition. All you need is to make the maze on the floor by using tape and adding letters to it. You can also sing ABCs together to double the fun.

  1. The Magic Letters

Make the learning magical by using the magic letter. You can use white oil in pastels to write invisible letters on the piece of white paper. The toddlers will love it when these letters reveal as they paint over them.

  1. The Search Game

The “letter searching and finding” game is also a great way to learn and recognise the different alphabets.

  1. Alphabet Monster Game

Feeding the monster game is a fun and engaging activity for toddlers. In this game, you will speak a letter in a monster voice and the child has to feed that specific letter to the monster.

How to make:

You need to cut circles out of colored chart paper and write letters on them. Now use an empty cereal box to make the monster with an opened month. Draw the crazing eyes of the monster. Your monster is ready to eat up all the letters!

  1. Paper Towel Tube

This activity will enhance toddlers’ capacity to learn about the alphabet by matching the stickers with the correct letter. Here you can use a paper towel tube or a toilet paper roll to write the alphabet. Now tell your child to match the sticker with all the letters.

Lego Alphabet

  1. Letter Building

Let your child use building blocks to build a letter and then tell you what letter it is.

  1. The Race Game

You can lay down some letter cards on the floor and shout a specific letter. The toddler will run as fast as he can to pick up that letter and bring it back to you.

  1. Use A Typewriter

Using a typewriter or an old computer keyboard would be a new experience for the modern-day toddler. You can tell them a specific word to type on.

Learning Uppercase And Lowercase Letters

Here are some of the activities to help preschoolers distinguish between upper and lower case letters.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun activity for toddlers to practice upper and lowercase alphabet recognition. In this game, the toddler will find upper case letters and match them with the set of lowercase letters.

  1. Matching Letters Printable

The matching letter printable is another great idea that provides an opportunity for toddlers to match the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

  1. Clothespins Matching

Write lowercase and upper letters on the cards and let your child match them using the clothespin.

  1. The Easter Eggs

The Easter eggs game is a fun play to let the toddlers recognise the upper and lower case letters. You need to write uppercase letters on the upper side and the lowercase to the bottom side of the egg. Now see if your child can put the correct match together.

Learning Letters

  1. Learn The Letters On The Go

You need two paper plates, one with lowercase letters and the second with uppercase letters. Write uppercase and lowercase letters on the edge of each plate. Cut each letter for easy folding. Now, whenever you are outside, tell your child to fold both the upper case and lowercase letters of the thing which they see around.

  1. Doodle Of Alphabets

You can turn the floor into a huge doodle of the letter and then the kid matches the corresponding letter to it. You need to draw uppercase letters on the long fax paper and then write the lowercase letters on the cards.

Now tell your children to match the loose base card with the correct uppercase. After they match the letters successfully, tell them to color them and have fun.

These activities will help your toddler to learn and recognise the alphabet in a fun way.

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