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15 Engaging Bible Activities For Raising Strong Christian Kids

To raise strong Christian children you need to teach them about the principles of faith and make learning engaging and enjoyable. There are many bible activities you can do with your kids to nurture and strengthen their faith, including word games, art projects, outdoor adventures, and group activities.

15 Engaging Bible Activities For Raising Strong Christian Kids

Group Bible Activities

  1. Bible Charades: Charades is loads of fun for kids. Write different bible stories on pieces of paper and get each child to pull a story from a hat to act out and the other kids can guess the bible story.
  2. Family Bible Study: Have weekly bible study sessions with your kids where you discuss stories from the bible. Encourage open conversations and questions. To get the kids into the swing of things you can ask them questions like “what do you think Jesus ate?” or “how tall was Jesus in the Bible?”.
  3. Bible Trivia Night: Have a regular Bible trivia night and asks questions about the bible. Kids can compete in teams or alone. Including prizes is a great way to get the enthusiasm going.

Bible Word Game Activities

  1. Word Searches: Word searches with Bible-related themes are a fantastic way to introduce kids to various terms, names, and places found in the Bible. They can have fun searching for these words while learning their meanings.
  2. Crossword Puzzles: Crossword puzzles can be created with clues related to Bible stories, characters, or teachings. It’s a fun way to engage your children’s critical thinking skills while deepening their knowledge of the Bible.
  3. Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt around the house or yard with Bible verses as clues. This activity encourages kids to actively search for and read Bible verses.
  4. Bible Bingo: Create Bingo cards with different Bible stories, characters, or verses. As you read or discuss these elements, your children can check them off on their cards. Prizes can be awarded for the first to complete a row or column.
  5. Scripture Puzzles: Choose key Bible verses and create jigsaw puzzles by printing them on cardboard and cutting them into pieces.

Bible crafting activities

Bible Art Activities

  1. Bible Story Illustrations: After reading a Bible story, ask your kids to draw their understanding of the story. Their artwork can serve as a conversation starter, encouraging them to discuss the moral lessons or teachings from the story.
  2. Bible Character Masks: Create masks resembling Bible characters, such as Noah, David, or Moses. Your children can wear these masks while acting out bible stories.
  3. Bible Journaling: Give your children a special journal for Bible journaling. Encourage them to write or draw their thoughts, favourite verses, or prayers. This practice can help them connect with the Bible on a personal level.
  4. Bible Crafts: Engage in crafting activities that revolve around Bible themes, such as creating Noah’s Ark or crafting a burning bush from construction paper. Crafting can serve as a hands-on way to understanding Bible stories and concepts.

Outdoor Activities Based On The Bible

  1. Creation Walk: Take your children for a walk in nature and discuss the beauty of God’s creation. Encourage them to observe and appreciate the world around them.
  2. Grow Seeds: Plant seeds in your garden or in pots and teach your children how to look after them as they grow. Discuss the importance of nurturing faith, just like a gardener tends to their plants.
  3. Bible Scavenger Hunt: Create an outdoor scavenger hunt where children search for items in nature mentioned in the Bible. This activity can help them connect the Bible to the world around them.


Engaging Bible activities are key to nurturing the faith of strong Christian children. These activities make learning about the Bible enjoyable and memorable, while also providing a solid foundation for spiritual growth. Whether through word games, art projects, outdoor adventures, or group activities, you can inspire your children to grow in their spirituality and develop a strong Christian identity. Embrace these activities as opportunities to cultivate their faith, and watch them flourish into faithful and confident individuals.

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