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Ways to Cope with Postnatal Depression

New Mother ND

As a new mom, you will likely find yourself making several adjustments to your everyday life to accommodate the needs of your newborn. In the first few weeks after you give birth, you may feel exhausted from all the sleepless nights, and the hours you spend tending to your baby’s …

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Postpartum Depression: An Overview

Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression affects approximately 10 percent of new mothers, according to the Mayo Clinic. Postpartum depression should not be confused with the “baby blues”, a period of anxiety and depression that affects many women in the days after childbirth. While the baby blues resolve on their own, postpartum depression symptoms …

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14 Effective Ways To Fight Off Postnatal Depression

woman sitting on rock

Postnatal depression is more common than most people think, with as many as one in seven women experiencing it. Symptoms of PND can include intense irritability, difficulty bonding with baby, loss of appetite, anger, feelings of guilt, loss of pleasure or interest in activities, mood swings, loneliness, sadness, and panic …

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5 Top Benefits of Babywearing

Top Benefits of Babywearing

One of the greatest feelings for a mother is to keep her baby close to her heart and in sight always. We carry our babies in the womb for nine long months and know that they are warm and safe in there. But, once born, the little child has to let …

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Post Natal Depression (PND)

Postnatal Depression PND

Post natal depression can be confused with Baby Blues. Baby Blues affects about 80% of mothers and this is when you feel weepy, moody, tired and/ or anxious during the first week after giving birth, these feelings usually disappear within a few days. According to PNDSA (Post Natal Depression Support …

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Was It PND Or Baby Blues?


Did I suffer from Post Natal Depression or was it Baby Blues? To be honest I will never really know, but I think I suffered from PND for the first 6 months after the birth of my baby girl. All I can tell you is my story and what I …

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