Top Benefits of Babywearing

5 Top Benefits of Babywearing

One of the greatest feelings for a mother is to keep her baby close to her heart and in sight always. We carry our babies in the womb for nine long months and know that they are warm and safe in there. But, once born, the little child has to let go of his constant companion of his mother’s breath and heartbeat.

Luckily, baby wearing makes this transition easier for both the mother and the child in the “fourth trimester”. Babywearing offers several benefits to both the child and the caregiver.

Here are some of the top benefits of babywearing:

1 Establish Intimate Maternal Bond with Babywearing

The close contact that babywearing establishes allows baby to hear the parent’s heartbeat which he is accustomed to hearing when in utero.

This close relationship results in increasing the level of oxytocin hormone resulting in easier breastfeeding and care.

The presence of oxytocin ensures that there will be a lower incidence of psychosomatic illness and postpartum depression in the mother.

According to the study conducted by Pediatrics Journal, babywearing reduces crying of the baby up to 51% and parents feel more contented nurturing their children.

2 Babywearing Reduces the Risk of Positional Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome)

The skull of a newborn baby is tender and if it is kept in a wrong position, they might get contracted to this syndrome. An infant or a toddler is at the risk of positional Plagiocephaly when he sleeps on the back or sits in a car seat for extended periods of time. When the baby is worn, the risk of this syndrome can be avoided. Moreover, babywearing promotes gastrointestinal and respiratory health, neural development and balance.

3 Breastfeeding is a Convenient & Private Affair with Babywearing

Babywearing and breastfeeding go hand-in-hand. Most baby carriers and slings are designed to make breastfeeding easier. Make sure to read plenty of baby carrier reviews like this Tula Baby Carriers review to find out what other mothers say about different baby carriers.

Such carriers offer mothers the privacy and the opportunity of nursing their child hands-free while catering to their daily chores.

It is easier for mothers who are babywearing and breastfeeding to respond to their child’s hunger pangs often and promptly.

4 Babywearing Complements Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo Care is the practice when the baby is held skin-to-skin with the parent. Kangaroo Care is a method of caring for a preterm baby, since babies that are held close against their mothers not only have a higher chance of survival but often thrive. Kangaroo Care is encouraged not only for preterm babies but for all babies.

Scientifically, it is proven that the increased and intimate physical contact of the parent with the baby has resulted in more secure attachments between the two. Through baby carrying, a parent can provide faster response to the child’s crying and cues.

Kangaroo Care also stabilizes heart and respiratory rates, regulates baby’s temperature better, conserves baby’s calories and improves oxygen saturation rates.

5 Postnatal Depression can be prevented through Babywearing

Pregnancy, labour and birth are strenuous tasks that can leave a mother physically drained and mentally exhausted. Then sleepless nights post the delivery can aggravate the situation and a mother can be prone to getting postnatal depression.

Ever wondered how can you prevent it?

Well, just wear your baby. Babywearing improves the well-being of mother and speeds up the recovery time by lowering the cortisol levels (stress hormone) and enhancing oxytocin.

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  1. The first 3months during daytime the only place my baby wanted to be was in my arms. If i put her down she cries. So a baby sling was the only thing that helped me.
    I loved keeping her so close to me.
    Nowadays i just put her down and she sleeps.
    They grow too fast!!!

  2. I love baby wearing it’s so comfortable and I feel more connected to my baby this is one of the greatest to stay close to the baby

  3. Ive never used a sling or one of those carry things i used to just hold him tight on my chest no not that hard just cuddle hard so he feel my heart beat and he would be so calm and relaxed and i have a awesome feeling inside me also relaxing and getting calm he could feel that as he was instantly relaxed on my chest.

  4. Ntlantla Skweyiya

    I absolutely love baby-wearing and swear by it. The feeling of independence that comes with being able to get around to some of the things you have to do is absolutely amazing.

    I think the trick here is finding a carrier that works for you and baby. I could not use the wraps even though I thought they would be great for me – a friend recommended a hemp one that could be used from birth. Most amazing brand and most amazing service.

    The benefits of baby-wearing are actually endless and the feeling of him close to me promotes our bonding – this I think is a future benefit as well.

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