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How To Dress Your Postpartum Body!

How to dress your postpartum body

This video by Jordan of Millennial Moms really shares some awesome tips for dressing your postpartum body. Now I know that she had just had a baby at the time she took this video… well my youngest is three years old and I still need to follow her guidelines. I …

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OMG that is NOT my vagina!

OMG that is not my vagina

Last year I was contacted by a marketing company, Skinstore was bringing out a new range called Mama Mio and they were looking for quotes from mommy bloggers about how their bodies survived pregnancy. While I was really flattered and all I couldn’t help wondering why on earth they contacted …

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My Body After Birth

Body After Birth

The changes to my body after birth have been huge and it is not just fat, everything has moved! Being a naturally slim person I have never really worried about my weight or figure. I have never had to watch what I eat or exercise to stay relatively slim. Yes …

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