How To Dress Your Postpartum Body

This video by Jordan of Millennial Moms really shares some awesome tips for dressing your postpartum body. Now I know that she had just had a baby at the time she took this video… well my youngest is three years old and I still need to follow her guidelines.

I love the way she shows you all the clothing that she chose and why, plus she shows you some of her bad buys too. I’m not sure about you but every time I go clothes shopping something that seemed perfect at the shops suddenly doesn’t fit right when I get it home.

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  1. @lynne i must agree 100% i had a buy like that this week it looked so nice so i got home fit again and it looked awfull i went to change it…im also inspired on why she buy example the certian top she did reasons becuase i can go shopping and keep in mind when i see something i imagine me in it before i even pick it up and im a difficult shopper for clothing.

  2. Thanks God i come cross this video just what I needed, most of my clothing doesn’t fit me thanks to this video now i know what kind of clothes i must buy.

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