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Crèche Syndrome, Breaking The Cycle Naturally

Creche Syndrome - sick child

You won’t find it in the medical textbooks, but if you’re a parent boomeranging in and out of your paediatrician’s rooms with an endlessly sniffling baby or toddler, chances are you’ve heard of ‘crèche syndrome’.  It’s a colloquial term referring to a cycle of infections, usually upper respiratory, that unfortunately, …

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Your Personal Wellness Journey In 2022 – Feelgood Health Looks At Trends And Tips For A Holistic, Natural Lifestyle

Holistic Natural Health

If anything, our two-year pandemic experience has only sharpened our focus on the importance of our holistic well-being and self-care.  In 2020, the non-profit Global Wellness Institute valued the world’s wellness economy at $4.4 trillion, and predicts robust growth post-pandemic, reaching almost $7trillion by 2025.  Taking an interest in experiences and choosing products …

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