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Vital Baby’s Colic Soothing Techniques

baby feet blue blanket

Usually colic is short-lasting for just a few months, but nevertheless it is an upsetting time for both you and baby. It is commonly believed that colic in young babies can be a result of digestive or feeding problems, which can be linked to swallowing air when feeding.  Air can …

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5 Things No-one Tells You About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Mom

There’s no doubt about it, breastfeeding is fantastic for your baby and for you too. If you are about to start out on your breastfeeding journey there are some things that you may not be prepared for because these are not things that many people talk about. So here are …

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Best Organic and Natural Diaper Cream – 6 Top Picks

Baby Diaper Cream

Your little one will most probably get diaper rash no matter how careful you are. Most babies do at some point. It’s always best to plan ahead and be prepared and prevent flare-ups or knowing how to treat diaper rash when it happens. ***Disclosure -The links in this post may …

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Tips For Handling Your Newborn

Baby legs

Becoming a parent is the beginning of an entirely new phase of one’s life. Caring properly for your newborn is imperative for their healthy growth. Becoming a parent is a tough job especially if it is your first baby. However, once you are home, you might feel that you do …

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7 Tips for Choosing A Proper Breastfeeding Chair

A perfect and comfortable breastfeeding chair is one of the musts to have accessory in the nursery that no one can deny of this. It offers you a higher level of comfort while feeding by providing you different position settings along with rocking features as well. If you are going …

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8 Newborn Baby Skin Care Tips

Baby smiling

Your newborn baby’s skin plays an important role in maintaining overall health, regulating baby’s internal temperature and is an essential shield that offers protection from the outside world. A newborn baby’s skin and immune system is delicate and more prone to allergies and irritation, it has a greater tendency to …

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First-Time Mom Tips For Taking Care Of Baby

Newborn Baby Sleeping

In this article, we will provide tips that will help even the most nervous first-time mothers to feel confident about taking care of their newborn. How to handle a newborn Your newborn might feel frail and delicate to you, but do not be afraid to hold, touch or comfort him. …

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5 Baby Caring Tips Every Mom Should Know

Baby caring tips every mom should know

Becoming a mom is both a privilege and a responsibility. The joy of holding your own child is something that cannot be equaled by any material possession. Being a mom is the most wonderful experience every woman will ever have in her lifetime. But this privilege also comes with a …

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Meg Faure #BabyMeetUp

Meg Faure #BabyMeetUp

Meg Faure will be joining Kaboutjie for a #BabyMeetUp on our Facebook Page on Wednesday 17 June from 8pm – 9pm. Meg Faure is well known in the parenting community in South Africa and has many achievements to her name: Author of Sleep Sense, Baby Sense, Feeding Sense and Your …

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