Important baby skin care tips

5 Most Important Tips for Caring Your Baby’s Skin

Your Baby’s Skin is Important

Skin is your baby’s most important line of defense after the antibodies they receive from breast milk. The skin provides your baby with natural moisture and the ability to work in rough conditions. I say this like they are working in a construction zone, but it is true.

Your baby moves on the carpet when they are learning to crawl and end up with rug burns. When your child is grabbing everything to pull themselves up and end up falling and hitting their head on the table; your baby’s skin gets put through a lot, so it is only natural to care for it.

You baby’s skin needs love and care to help it heal when injured, repair when scarred and scraped, and stretch as your baby grows.

Keeping Your Baby’s Skin Soft

Keeping your baby’s skin soft isn’t just to prevent dry skin, peeling, or to even out their redness. Caring for your child’s skin is to help it stay elastic and soft, to help with the healing of scars, and to keep from itching due to dry, irritated skin.

I have five tips for keeping your baby’s skin soft and healthy. I will tell you about moisturizing, products that are just for babies, cotton fibers, and how to keep your baby happy. Having healthy skin will help teach your child proper skincare.

#1: Moisturize Multiple Times

Moisturize your baby as much as possible. Moisturizing repeatedly is an important part of taking care of your little ones’ skin. Moisturizer provides the skin with collagen and vitamins that help the skin to stay elastic and soft. The moisturizer does not just add moisture to the skin; it also locks in the moisture that is already in the skin.

Moisturize whenever possible, and it is okay to use thick layers. Moisturize your baby when they first wake up, after they eat, after each diaper change, and of course after baths! Moisturize your child to help keep them soft, smooth, and happy.

baby skin care tips moisturize baby

Make sure to use a lotion that is thick and coats your kids’ skin well. Creams tend to lock in moisture better and last longer. Creams will also help with the number of times you should moisturize your baby.

#2: Use Cotton Washcloths

Using 100% cotton is the best thing you can use for your child. Cotton is a natural fiber that absorbs and removes the excess moisture from the skin. It is also a non-allergenic, which is suitable for babies with sensitive skin or allergies. Cotton is even appropriate for children who have asthma because the fibers do not release particles into the air.

The cotton fibers are soft and non-abrasive against your baby’s skin. They are better for clothing since they keep your baby cool. It is durable enough to use for your child with their everyday activities and easy to clean.

What is great about using cotton is that it is not just safe for your baby, but also great for the environment!

#3: Use Products for Babies

It is important to use lotions, baby oils, creams, ointments, and soaps that are for babies. These products all add in vital vitamins, nutrients, and enrichments to help your baby’s skin grow, recover, and repair over time.

These products will often say they are for babies and will tell you what they provide the skin with and what they do. There are even some eye creams that are for babies to help with skin elasticity.

Using products that are specifically for your baby’s skin type is also important. Make sure to find baby products for dry skin, normal skin, and oily skin because these will significantly improve your baby’s skin development.

#4: Protect Your Baby’s Skin

Protecting your child’s skin applies to babies as well as young children and pre-teens. When you child is learning to walk, they will fall, run into walls, and follow you everywhere. While I do not always put my baby in clothes and I just leave them in a diaper on the warm days, covering them up can help prevent injuries such as scrapes, cuts, and rug burns.

It is also important to bundle up your child in the colder months. Cold weather will often dry skin out and increase peeling, chaffing, and chap skin. Make sure to moisturize well, bundle up, and protect your child from the winter weather that can damage their skin.

#5: Use a Humidifier

Using a humidifier might seem weird for some parents, but a humidifier adds moisture to the air, which is especially useful if you live in a dry climate. Dry climates and dry seasons can cause the skin to dry out, crack, and split causing pain and bleeding.

Keeping a humidifier in the room with your baby can improve the moisture in the air and help keep your child’s skin healthy and soft. Humidifiers are not for everyone, especially children who have asthma. You should check with your pediatrician first before using a humidifier.

Humidifiers are also great to keep around the house to help add moisture to all rooms to help your baby and your family if they also suffer from dry skin.

Keep Your Baby Happy

Keeping your baby’s skin soft and healthy will also make your child happy. When your baby is itchy, dry, and chaffed, then your baby is unhappy and irritable. When your baby skin is smooth, soft, and healthy, they are much happier and outgoing.

healthy skin will keep baby happy

You can find products that are ideal for your baby’s skin and products that have babies in mind when creating products. Cotton is an excellent alternative fiber to use if your child has allergies or asthma or if you happen to live in scalding temperatures or a humid region. Remember that babies love to stay cooler rather than warmer!

When you are helping your baby crawl or walk, play or relax; know that their skin is a crucial line of defense in keeping them healthy and happy. What are some of the ways you keep your baby’s skin soft? Do you have a product you always go to, or a routine you follow? I would love to hear from you!

I’m Alanta, a mother of two wonderful children. I have been writing informational blog posts for parents for a few years now. I hope I can help you with your questions and concerns with parenting. You can visit my blog at TopTenStrollers.


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  1. Great Tips! Thanks for your advice.
    I will come back to continue to watch these new posts on this site. 🙂

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Thanks Alanta 🙂 I am so happy to have you join my website, there are great things planned for the next few months!

  2. I have a little boy and boys are rough so ill be using these tips well everyday i make sure my baby is dried properly after bath rubbed in with his cream i only use his baby products on him gentle and soft cloths and cotton wool their skin is so soft still and need to protect it for as long possible i keep his nails short as i saw he scratch himself badly when ita hot and he itch so its important for short nails…

    • Oh yes my daughter’s finger nails used to grow so fast I had to trim them every few days when she was young baby otherwise she often scratched her face. Their skin is so soft and they scratch so easily with long nails.

  3. My boy skin never had any issues just a baby oil and cream and we are good

  4. Am using plan baby cream and blue seal vaseline without a perfume my boy skin is soft and healthy.

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