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Chained Dogs Are Chained To Pain!

Chained Dog

Not a day goes by that Cape of Good Hope SPCA inspectors do not have to stop to educate a pet owner, issue a warning in respect of improving an animal’s welfare or obtain a warrant to remove injured or neglected animals from their owner’s care.  Too many of these …

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How To Use CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD oil and capsules

Are you considering using CBD to help relieve your dog from a condition it might be facing but don’t know how to go about it? In this article, we are going to provide you with some easy tips on how you can effectively use CBD to treat your dog. CBD …

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7 Tips For Teaching Kids About Dogs

Dog licking boy

There are numerous benefits linked to having a family dog as a pet and teaching kids how to take care of dogs. Young children can learn valuable life lessons when they are taught from an early age how to take care of an animal: Responsibility Younger children can help by …

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Arthritis Symptoms in Dogs – Is your Dog Safe?

Old Brown Dog

Arthritis is a joint disease that affects about 80% of dogs- in simple terms; it can also be defined as inflammation or abnormal changes in the joints. While we may think arthritis mostly affects senior dogs, it is not the case. Sometimes, even younger dogs are affected by arthritis, but …

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Make A Difference Your Way For Mandela Day 2022

Mandela Day 2022

On Monday 18 July, people across South Africa will take action and inspire others to do the same for Mandela Day 2022. Many choose to mark the occasion by volunteering for 67 minutes, one for each year of Nelson Mandela’s public service. But there’s no need to stand back if …

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Top 11 Reasons To Adopt A Dog From A Shelter

Shelter dog

Did you know millions of dogs in shelters are waiting for a loving home? In fact, according to the ASPCA, approximately 6.3 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters nationwide every year. That’s why adopting a dog from a shelter is such a great idea – you’re saving a life …

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Fundraising Is Fighting Fit For Post-Covid Success

Givengain events

South Africa’s favourite mass-participation events are back, and fundraisers are seizing the day to support their favourite charities. Who doesn’t love a good fund-race? But has fundraising recovered from a bruising bout with COVID-19? During the last two years, the need for charitable relief spiked to untold heights, events went …

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Best Gluten Free Food Choices For Pregnant Moms

Pregnant with teddy

Today we will be sharing some of the best choices of gluten free food for pregnant moms. Many moms do not eat gluten because of a gluten intolerance or because they have celiac disease. Now that you are expecting a baby you might wonder whether you are getting sufficient nutrients. …

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Old Nectar Appoints Renowned Horticulturist Ahead Of The Spring Open Gardens Celebration

Spring Garden

Historic Stellenbosch homestead Old Nectar has appointed well-known horticulturist Cherise Viljoen as its general manager. A former senior manager of SANBI’s famous Kirstenbosch Garden, Cherise will oversee amongst others, Old Nectar’s expansive landscape filled with heritage plants that has been the premier destination for garden-lovers for over 70 years. “Cherise’s appointment …

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Paw Patrol: The Movie (And Grab Your Free Printables)

Paw Patrol The Movie

We are delighted that cinemas are now opening again – let’s hope more permanently this time – and we have some great movies coming up to hopefully get audiences back to the movies! United International Pictures is releasing PAW PATROL THE MOVIE on Friday, 20 August 2021 at cinemas nationwide.   We …

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The History of Hot Chocolate

Milky Lane Hot Chocolate

With winter practically at our doorstep, a lot of people will keep warm by enjoying their favourite hot beverage: Hot chocolate. But that sweet, chocolatey drink that you press against your chest on chilly days has quite some history behind it. Here’s a bit of hot chocolate trivia to brew on. …

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10 Foods That Can Give You Food Poisoning

Food poisoning

You can get various types of poisoning from certain raw, unpasteurized or spoiled foods that can make you very ill. But which foods are more likely to give you food poisoning? Here are 10 foods that can give you food poisoning that you might find surprising. One can never be …

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8 Things to Do in Winter in Cape Town

Airplane at terminal sunset

Imagine sitting there in the urban jungle that is Johannesburg or the humid hills of Durban with that wanderlust feeling. Sure, you could go on a drive down to your favourite spot an hour away but that just can’t quite scratch that itch for adventure. You need to go somewhere …

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