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How To Use CBD Oil For Dogs

Are you considering using CBD to help relieve your dog from a condition it might be facing but don’t know how to go about it? In this article, we are going to provide you with some easy tips on how you can effectively use CBD to treat your dog.

CBD is becoming a trendy brand because of the numerous benefits that dogs get from it. The only difficulty that you might encounter is getting your dog to take the substance. It is common for dogs to reject it; that’s why we have created this article on how you can effectively administer this compound without facing the necessary troubles.

The following tips will provide you with ideas on how to use CBD for dogs.

How To Use CBD Oil For Dogs

Mix CBD with your Dog’s Treat

We all know the enormous amount of joy that a dog gets when you present him/her a treat, especially if it’s a favorite one. This is the reason why we think it’s best to mix CBD with their favorite treat, and it makes it a lot easier. You can learn more about using cannabis for pets in the link below.


Mixing CBD with a treat will help to conceal the flavor and the taste that is associated with a CBD product. This will allow your dog to take the substance without having any idea of what it had just digested.

You get to be satisfied knowing that your dog has successfully digested the compound without causing you any trouble. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Mixing CBD to your dog’s biscuit seems more effective than the other treats. It is highly nutritious and delicious, and it helps to conceal the CBD product properly. We advise that you try using a biscuit the next time you need to mix your CBD product.

Find a Good CBD Product that your Dog would Love

Finding the right CBD product for your dog would help you a lot in effectively treating the particular condition that your dog is suffering from. There are different varieties of CBD products out there. Though they might be from the same compound, most of them taste differently and come in various brands too.

What we consider the top CBD product currently is the oil tinctures. They are easy to administer and also easy to mix in any other substance. The CBD oil is easy to digest and quick to interact with the vital organs to fight diseases. This is the reason why the oil tinctures are the most used CBD product amongst all pet owners.

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Give CBD to your Dog Directly

If you stick with the CBD oil tinctures, then administering it to your dog wouldn’t be so difficult. You do not need to do a lot with this method. All you need is to put the oil in a dropper and put it very close to the mouth and nose of your dog. Your dog, out of curiosity, would find out what it is and eventually taste the substance. When they do this, you can relax, knowing that your dog has digested the CBD.

If you do not want to use a dropper, then you can take the oil and put some drops inside its water bowl. With this method, you have to pay close attention to the dog to make sure it drinks from its water bowl instead of knocking it off. If your dog drinks from the bowl, then you’re good to go.

Place CBD Oil on your Dog’s Paw

Placing CBD on your dog’s paw should be your last resort. Though it is highly effective, it can be very wasteful. Once you have tried the above-listed method and still can’t find a way to give your dog this product, all you need to do is take your CBD oil, place a few drops on the paws of your dog, and it will inevitably get a taste of it.

The above-listed tips are what we consider the most effective ways that you can use CBD on your dogs if you’re still finding it difficult for your dog to consume this compound then it’s best to call a vet for medical advice. You could view this link for some of the best CBD oil for pets with instructions on how to use it.

How Much CBD should your Dog Take?

Giving your dog the recommended dosage is essential to how this compound performs. Overdosing can lead to potential side effects; therefore, you have to be mindful.

Experts recommend that you administer a drop for every 10 pounds of a dogs’ weight. So, its best you stick with that.

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