3 Ways The Lockdown Has Made Me Focus On What’s Really Important

It is mindblowing how a worldwide crisis like the coronavirus pandemic can change ones perception so quickly. At the beginning of January I was busy with creating my blogging calendar for 2020, I was concerned with getting my son settled into grade 1 at school and I was planning the things that I wanted to get done over the course of this year.

Now a few months later none of those things matter anymore. My kids are no longer in school, my work has taken a beating and my blogging calendar that was so painstakingly created is gathering dust while I try and school my kids at home and get the bare basics of work done.

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3 Ways The Lockdown Has Made Me Focus On What's Really Important

Staying Safe & Healthy

Staying safe has taken on a new meaning for us. Today it means staying home with my family and when any of us do leave the home taking lots of health and safety precautions.

While looking after our physical and mental health is always a priority it is has never been more crucial. Ensuring that everyone in our family is mentally healthy, including myself, has not been an easy task. Managing my children’s meltdowns is a daily task and finding moments of time-out for myself has never been so tricky.

Physical exercise and eating healthily has never been more important. Cooking healthy meals and daily family exercise sessions are now the norm.

My kids are getting their daily dose of NESTLÉ NESPRAY FORTIGROW which is specially formulated with nutrients to support my children’s cognitive development, immune function and growth builders. 

Family Focused

Everything I do now is family focused.

My children and I have been staying with my parents at their farm for the lockdown while my husband works. I spend more time talking to my husband, even though we have been apart for 7 weeks now. We speak a few times a day on the phone and yes we would always see each other daily and talk before lockdown, being so busy with day to day life we often went to bed at the end of the day hardly connecting.

Talking to my husband every day is now the highlight of my day.

My kids and I are baking almost every day, making our bread, biscuits, fudge and muffins. We are all sleeping in the same room, we are reading together and watching Netflix together.

When I have gotten my kids started with their homework I do my work at the table too while helping them when they get stuck.

We also go out into the garden with my mom to pick vegetables and do some weeding. My kids often head off with my dad on the farm to help him with whatever task he is busy with.

I’ve even given my son a DIY haircut which has been interesting.

Son haircut

Gratitude and Giving Back

I’ve found things really hard the last 2 months. I have battled with my insomnia, with my mental health and with making the right choices for my family.

However these hardships that I have faced these last few weeks are nothing compared to the suffering and pain that most people are going through right now. I’ve seen friends and family lose their jobs, been evicted from their homes and struggle to find food.

It is important for me to be grateful for all that I have and to give back in some way whenever I can.

My income has taken a big dip during this crisis since many businesses are closed, and so many people don’t have any money to spend… but I am still earning.

I’ve contacted local businesses in my area so that when I get home I can buy what I can from local producers. When I go shopping I buy a few things extra to add to the donations table at the entrance to be given to those in need.

I encourage everyone that is still earning to help others in some way. It doesn’t have to be a huge donation – if every person that can afford it buys just one thing for another family it will make a big difference.

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  1. Shari Ameling

    Love your post. I lost my job and my life has not changed drastically, but it has at the same time. I am sleepless where I never had a problem sleeping before, and the stress of trying to find a job in this time gets to me. However I know that I am doing better than most and pray for those that are sick, losing homes, and are more need than myself.

    Stay safe and well!

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I’m so sorry to hear that you have lost your job, but it is fantastic that you are still doing ok. I am sure that very soon things will look up when all the countries are able to open up again.

  2. we all are in similar situation the uncertainty of the situation could play havoc in our minds. i’ve also given time to myself totally in giving myself much needed mental and physical rest & the lockdown has brought many people closer too like family, friends etc.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I’m glad to hear you are taking time for yourself, it really is important right now! I’m also finding our family closer than ever before!

  3. Hey Lynne, what a beautiful and relaxed post in these troubled times.I am glad I stumbled into your post because it really got me thinking how lucky we are and also sending blessings to those who have lost loved ones. We all definitely never expected the year to take such a turn. Like yourself, I started out the year with great plans and somehow, even though I work primarily from home, things are not the same. I am definitely more appreciative of family, and feel very blessed to have everyone happy and healthy. One thing my family does a lot more of is home-cooking and eating together. The lockdown definitely slowed down my kids. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I am also loving all the baking we are doing, it is fantastic! I’ve never baked more than we are now and my kids are loving the experience.

  4. My agenda is pretty much the same, Lynne. I love how a crisis of any magnitude can bring home an appreciation of what we have and make us count our blessings more frequently than we normally do. This pandemic has made life difficult for millions across the world, especially the ones affected, and the ones that have lost jobs or are stranded outside their homes without food and shelter. Heart-breaking, really!

    Love the pic of you with your son! I wish your little ones and you good health and peace during this time. This too shall pass.

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