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Great Tips To Introduce Your Dog To Your Baby

Tips to introduce your dog to your baby

Dogs are truly the most remarkable pets and deserve all the love and attention they can get. But what happens when your furry friend thinks that he is not the center of attention because of the baby? What’s exciting for you and your spouse may prove to be frightening for …

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How To Choose The Best Rat Cages

How to choose the best rat cages

So this post has been inspired by the fact that I bought the worst possible rat cage for my kids pet rats when I bought them. Yes I can remember having my own pet rat when I was a kid but I don’t remember any of the details of the …

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Why Rats Make Good Pets For Children

Why rats make good pets for children

When I was growing up my mother got me a rat called Rosie – she was black and white… and pregnant so it turned out. So pretty soon I had a number of rats. I have very fond memories of my little rat Rosie and her babies, which I managed …

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Handy Tips For Traveling With Pets In A Car

Handy tips for traveling with pets in a car

There are a lot of things that car insurance covers, but an overheated pooch’s vet bills ain’t one of them. Travelling with animals isn’t always easy, because they can get carsick, bored, restless, hungry, and downright irritating. It takes a little planning to make sure that they are comfortable, safe, …

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8 Reasons to Raise Your Children Around Pets

8 Reasons to raise your children around pets

We all know that pets are some of the best things in our lives. They are the shoulder that we need to cry on when we need or they are our best friends whenever we need a good laugh. However, did you know that when you raise your children around …

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How to Introduce Your Cat To Your New Baby

How to Introduce your cat to your new baby

Mothers to be frequently visit shelters in tears with their cats in tow after being advised by family members and obstetricians that cats are not great for pregnancy or a new baby. It is very easy to succumb to these claims if you are not aware of all the facts. …

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