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5 Top Cyber Safety Concerns and How NetNation Can Protect Your Family

Father daughter online

Irrespective if you’re using the internet for school, work or entertainment, it’s vital to keep yourself, your family as well as your personal information safe.  Netnation understands the importance of online safety and strives to create a safer cyber experience for families. ***Disclosure – This post is sponsored by NetNation.co.za***  …

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Safer Cell Service – Samsung Parental Controls

Kids playing Samsung phones

Parents of today are raising a new breed of savvy technological kids. Toddlers use tablets to play games and teenagers enjoy texting with their friends on their mobile phones. And on top of this, most schools are using computers and tablets in their curriculum, making it tricky to keep kids …

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6 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Woman spending online credit card

Online shopping has made buying clothes, gadgets, and even consumer goods easier for most people. However, accompanying this significant benefit are forms of cyber attacks such as credit card fraud, stolen identities, malware, and ransomware. These alarming issues may raise some concerns, but you can keep your personal and financial …

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How To Keep Your Teenager Safe Online

‘What in the world were you thinking?’, ‘How could you post that?’, ‘I wasn’t expecting that from you.’ these are some of the sentences you often say to your young ones when they do something stupid or totally outrageous. When we were teens, our parents had to deal with problems …

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5 Ways To Keep Your Child Safe Online

Young Girl Playing With Pink Mobile Phone

The fast development of various online services has affected the lives of all generations. While grown-ups are aware of the pros and cons the Internet brings, children and young teenagers don’t possess that level of experience. Since children can also use the Web in many beneficiary ways, it’s important to …

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