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Does What You Eat In Pregnancy Matter?

Eating during pregnancy

There’s nothing quite like pregnancy to focus your attention on your health and well-being.  Most moms-to-be naturally have questions and concerns about their nutrition so that they meet the needs of their growing baby.  Of course, you also want to maintain a strong and healthy body that is well-prepared for …

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Are These 4 Diets Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy Diet

Even though everyone knows that pregnancy is nine months, some people usually don’t stop to think about how long that is. A lot can happen in nine months! That’s the difference between New Year’s Day and getting all spooky with Halloween decorations. It’s also a long time for women to …

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A Quick Guide To Ketosis

Keto Diet Foods

If you follow the fitness world, you have probably heard one of the latest buzz terms that’s being talked about a lot lately – the keto diet. You can see it on the cover of virtually every health magazine and you hear it whenever you’re at the gym. But what …

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