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6 Effective Tips for Beginners on Keto Diet

Keto diet is known for its long list of amazing health benefits and how it has transformed the lives of many. It focuses on using fat as the primary energy source for the body and decreases the glucose formation. The fat molecules are processed into ketones, which provide the required energy to the body and brain. However, the catch here is that this change of energy supply from glucogens to ketones brings a tonne of health benefits.

With the increasing awareness of keto diet and its several purposes, it becomes necessary to discuss some tips that can be helpful if you’re new to this. If you’re confused about having a diet plan of your own, you can simply fix that by visiting preparing one for yourself. Considering that you’ve your own diet plan now, let’s get started with a handful of useful tips.

6 Effective Tips for Beginners to Keto Diet

  1. Limit your carb intake: This is perhaps the most important step towards ketosis and is very simple to understand. Keto diet is all about enabling the body to choose ketones as the primary fuel instead of glucogens. By limiting the carb content in your diet, you ensure that the level of glucogens doesn’t increase beyond the desired limit so as to keep the body in ketosis. Consult your dietician and figure out a suitable diet plan that goes well with the decreased carb content.
  2. Include coconut oil in your diet: If you’re a beginner, getting the body into ketosis can be a bit tricky sometimes. Coconut oil is known to contain certain compounds known as MCTs or Medium chain triglycerides which help the body to get into ketosis and make the job easier for you. This gets possible because of the fact that MCTs are rapidly absorbed and processed into ketones.
  1. Increase the physical activity hours: Being more physically active, one can manage to stay in ketosis more effectively and for a longer time. This is because of the fact that glycogen level is reduced by the physical activities. Paired with the low carb intake, which helps to inhibit the further increase in their level, the body has to shift towards ketones in order to obtain the required energy to function.
  1. Increase the intake of healthy fat: The goal of a good keto diet is not only to limit the level of carb but also to increase the fat content at the same time. By increasing the consumption of healthy fat, you can ensure better results out of ketosis. Just so as to let you know –olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil etc. are some of the oils that contain healthy fat. Make sure you consume them in ample amounts so that your body can get the required ketones to obtain the energy.

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  1. Don’t forget to take care of protein intake: Generally, it is observed that most of the keto diets do not ignore protein completely as they have an adequate amount of protein in them. This is done so as to ensure a healthy muscle mass particularly when you’re planning to lose weight. So, if you’re a beginner, make sure to add sufficient amount of protein in your low carb diet for ketosis.
  1. Take a measure of ketone levels and make the necessary adjustments: Last but not the least, keep an eye on the ketone levels and see the impact on the body. You can consult your dietician and make the required changes in your diet on the basis of the level of ketones. This is done so as to ensure the most efficient result while being in the state of ketosis.

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