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What Should Be My Calisthenics Diet Plan?

A healthy body and a healthy mind are the key ingredients of a healthy life. For a fit body diet and exercise walk hand in hand. Neither diet nor exercise can work alone on your body. Diet in no way means starving your body. Dieting refers to intake of the right food in the right amount.

Calisthenics Diet is not something extraordinary but intake of complete nutrients in a balanced way. If you carry out calisthenic exercise regularly and expect to get the results in your body may be weight loss or muscle build up, check out the write-up below that gives you a complete diet plan.

What Should My Calisthenics Diet Plan Be

A Comprehensive Guide For Calisthenic Diet:

We hardly consider but whatever we eat has an effect on our body it may be good or bad. Your food habits decide if you can be fit or fat. Consider the following diet plan along with your exercises to see considerable changes in your body.

  • Say No To Sugar:

Sugar contains a lot of calories that can add to your body fat as well as body weight. Saying no to sugar can reduce a considerable amount of calories from your diet. A teaspoon of sugar in 24 hours is enough to satisfy your body sugar requirements. You can even completely omit the sugar from your daily routine and can have a cheat day once a week to consume a very small portion of sweet to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Eat In Small Portions:

Make it a habit to eat in small portions rather than having at a time and keeping the long gap between meals. Eating frequently in the gap of an hour or two maintains the energy of your body, improves the functioning of the digestive system and also increases the metabolic rate of the body.

  • Introduce Fruits, Salads and Herbal Drinks:

In between your regular meals consume fruits and salad that will make you feel full and stick less to cooked food. Raw food is of greater nutritional value and low calorific value. Make it a habit to consume herbal drinks like green tea, green coffee or fresh lime lukewarm water twice a day. It helps to enhance metabolism and body detoxification.

  • Bid Goodbye To Junk Food:

Junk food is highly calorific and has oil that is the saturated fats. Having junk food nullifies the effect of your calisthenic workout. The food in no way is good for your health. It is a big hindrance to your weight loss process. It increases the cholesterol levels in your body giving a route to many diseases. So cut down the consumption of street food, junk food and fried food if you wish to stay healthy and fit eat only healthy food.

  • Count Your Calories:

Monitor your diet. It is very essential. Know the calorie count of any food that you consume. Check the details of energy and nutrition on any packet you buy from the market. For a person carrying out weight loss calisthenic workout consumption of 1200 calories a day is enough. If you are into bodybuilding workout make a high protein low-fat diet program for yourself and count of calories can be planned as per your daily routine and exercise plan.

Reduce The Eating As The Day Progress:

Start your day with heavy meals and by the end of the day, you should reduce it considerably. The breakfast must contain the highest calorie count and your dinner should have the lowest calorie count. If you switch to raw food instead of cooked food in your dinner that is highly appreciable. Try not to consume any fats and carbohydrate after evening.

Extra Tips:

  • Introduce protein and fibre in your diet to the maximum.
  • Consider having seasonal fruits as a brunch.
  • Start your day with negative calorie food.
  • Increase your water drinking capacity. Minimum 12-15 glasses of water is must in a day.
  • Drink a glass of water 15 minutes prior to your meal. It considerably reduces your eating capacity.
  • Introduce herbal drinks in your daily routine. Black tea, green tea, green coffee, fresh lime lukewarm water or any other drink of your choice that acts as an energy booster and increase body metabolism. You should drink these herbal drinks at least twice a day.
  • Try consuming raw fruits over fruit juices. Juices add to your body fat due to the conversion of glucose in sugar.
  • Say no to cold drinks and preservatives. Switch to freshly prepared food.
  • Avoid high-calorie dairy products. You can consume skimmed milk or soya milk for your body needs. You can replace cottage cheese with tofu, butter with peanut butter and other low-calorie high nutritional value replacements.
  • Consider taking a brisk walk of min 20 minutes after every meal.

The diet for each body varies from other. It cannot be common to all. It highly depends on your lifestyle. Some people have more physical activities as a part of their daily routine they can add more calories while others are just bound to sit before computers, they should opt for a low-calorie count diet.

There is only one principle to decide the diet for the weight loss process and that is to burn more calories than you consume. If you want to go for weight gain through a calisthenic workout than you must consume higher calories than your body burns. But keep in mind to eat the right food even in case of weight gain process. Junk food and fried foods is a question over your health and fitness. It is not advised for weight loss or weight gain.  If you work out for your fitness, your diet should completely match it.

Final Words:

It is easy to stay on a balanced diet, calisthenic workout requires no additional supplements in your diet. You just require to eat what is right and avoid overeating. You can add a detox day ( intake of liquid and semi-solid food) and cheat day ( eat the food of your choice to satisfy your taste buds) once a week.

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