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Topping Up Baby Feed With Formula: Pros And Cons

Baby drinking bottle of milk

For many new parents, the journey of feeding their baby can be both rewarding and challenging. Breast milk is often the preferred choice due to its numerous benefits, but circumstances may arise where supplementing or “topping up” with formula becomes necessary or preferred. This blog post explores the pros and …

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Baby Formula Guide

Mixing baby formula

The benefits of breast milk for the baby can not be overestimated. It has been scientifically proven that breastfeeding meets all the needs of the baby’s body in the first year of life and strengthens the immune system. In addition, it is also a close emotional connection between mother and …

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Best Baby Formula In South Africa

Baby Formula

There is no question that the best milk for babies is breast milk. However, in many instances, moms cannot breastfeed due to medical reasons or choose not to for personal reasons. Baby formula does not encompass the immune molecules that are passed to your baby from your breast milk, however some …

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