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Better School Assessments For Today’s World

The recent explosion of AI into our daily life is testimony to how fast our world can change, and how thoroughly it can be disrupted.  AI has already profoundly changed how schools need to think about assessments.  Within two months of becoming available to any internet user, AI language model …

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5 Ways Homeschooling Can Broaden Access To Learning

Homeschooling education

In South Africa, quality education has unfortunately been a privilege rather than a universal right, leading to inequality and widening socio-economic disparities in our society. A key challenge that all of us face is how we can speed up South Africa’s push to educate its citizens and engender greater equality. …

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Benefits Of Card And Number-play For Kids

Kids playing cards

It would be challenging, if not entirely impossible to find someone that has never played a card-game.  Card playing appears to be one of the oldest and most traditional pastime activities for all ages. They have not only proven to improve motor and cognitive skills in children, but also encourage …

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Peachy Tips For Easy, Healthy Lunchboxes

Peachy lunchbox

Getting back into the school routine doesn’t have to be painful.  With some basic planning and organising habits, you can beat the weekday morning blues and get the kids off to school with a smile and a wave.  If you do just one thing this year to make the kid’s …

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A Safety Guide To Giving Your Child A First Phone

Child's first phone

Getting a first smartphone has become the major milestone of modern childhood, and many families are starting off the year with a new connected user in their midst.  Children are getting phones younger than ever, and parents need to be well-prepared.  Much like a teen getting their first car, the …

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Can You Sterilize Baby Bottles With Bleach?

Baby drinking bottle

Sterilizing baby bottles is an additional step in cleaning that helps with eradicating excess germs that still remains after washing. It is imperative to keep your baby’s bottles clean to keep their still developing immune system working as it should and healthy. It is advised to sterilize baby bottles until …

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Helping Your Child With Test Anxiety

Children Writing Test

As learners across the country prepare for and write their last Grade assessments of the year, there are a lot of parents who are dealing with children overwhelmed with high levels of anxiety.  Test anxiety is a real thing, and because the traditional South African assessment approach is to have …

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Why You Should Take Photos Of Your Kids

Photo Of Child

Taking pictures of your children can be highly beneficial for all involved. I’d like to discuss why we snap pictures and how doing so briefly might impact not just our own lives but also our kids’ lives. No doubt, it’s crucial to enjoy moments genuinely and not constantly stress about …

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