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What is Chickenpox in Children?

Child with chickenpox

If you have been asking yourself what is chickenpox in children here’s what you need to know. This infection is the result of the varicella-zoster virus and is usually accompanied by an itchy rash and small fluid-filled blisters. The condition is highly infectious to those who have not had it …

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Love Is Safety: 29% Of South Africans Surveyed Would Only Date Someone Who Is Vaccinated Or Has Antibodies

Romantic date

New global survey, commissioned by Kaspersky, explores the role of dating apps and the current state of technology and relationships. In an era of self-isolation and restrictions, consumers are paying more attention to their health and personal safety while dating, according to a new report commissioned by Kaspersky. 29% of those …

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Maintaining Vaccination Services Amid COVID-19

Baby vaccinations

As the world works to develop a vaccine against the novel coronavirus, health-care capacities are stretched in response to COVID-19 pandemic, and in some cases, vaccination services may have been disrupted.1,2 The coronavirus outbreak serves as a valuable reminder of the important role vaccination plays in protection from infectious disease.2 During the …

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