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South Africans Pledge with Lancewood® for Quality Mealtime

Lancewood Quality Time

Over the past two weeks, thousands of South African families have taken the Lancewood Quality Time™ Pledge, committing to at least one distraction-free meal every week. A recent research survey revealed that 89% of households believe that quality time with loved ones is important. However, the study also highlighted that …

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84% of South African parents use their gadgets to entertain their child when they travel: Kaspersky on tendencies of parenting in a digital age

Kids travel tablet

While many countries slowly ease the lockdown measures that were implemented because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the interest to domestic and international travel starts to increase. Kaspersky throws a light on some travel patterns of parents and their children on the go. According to the “Responsible Digital Parenting” survey1, 84% …

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4 Benefits Of Online Educational Games For Babies

Toddler tablet

Did you know that the baby’s brain is not yet fully developed at birth? Your adorable bundle of joy is counting on you to spark the wirings in their brain and discover the world around them. Day by day, your baby’s cognition develops in response to the environment you prepare …

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How Electronics Ruin Our Sleep

Tablet and computer

It has long been known how important it is to get enough sleep each night. Whereas the amount of sleep differs from person to person and during our lifetimes, it is still important that we go through the full sleep cycle in order to feel properly rested and ready for …

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