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Preparing Your Breast Milk For Your Preterm Baby

Express for baby

Breast milk is important for your baby at any age but especially for your premature infant’s special needs. Both you and your new-born prem can benefit from your expressed milk until baby has developed enough to feed from your breast. Expressing your milk can feel daunting at first, but within …

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NICU Tips From A Former Labor & Delivery Nurse

Premie Baby in Hospital

Having a baby in the NICU can be overwhelming. Here’s some advice from a former Labor & Delivery nurse on how to get through it. The experience of having a premature or sick baby can be extremely stressful, and the NICU environment can seem very overwhelming. Parents often find themselves …

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5 Top Benefits of Babywearing

Top Benefits of Babywearing

One of the greatest feelings for a mother is to keep her baby close to her heart and in sight always. We carry our babies in the womb for nine long months and know that they are warm and safe in there. But, once born, the little child has to let …

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