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Vital Baby’s Colic Soothing Techniques

baby feet blue blanket

Usually colic is short-lasting for just a few months, but nevertheless it is an upsetting time for both you and baby. It is commonly believed that colic in young babies can be a result of digestive or feeding problems, which can be linked to swallowing air when feeding.  Air can …

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Our Experience With A Colic Baby

A colic baby

I stopped breast feeding Zoë at 5 weeks as I just couldn’t cope with how vicious she was on the boob. I started loathing the fact that I had to feed her every 3 hours and just couldn’t wait to get her off me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my …

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Introduction To Baby Colic

Colic Baby

Baby colic (also known as infantile colic) is a condition in which an otherwise healthy baby cries or displays symptoms of stress frequently and for extended periods without any discernible reason. The strict medical definition of colic is a condition of a healthy baby in which it shows periods of …

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