A colic baby

Our Experience With A Colic Baby

I stopped breastfeeding Zoë at 5 weeks as I just couldn’t cope with how vicious she was on the boob. I started loathing the fact that I had to feed her every 3 hours and just couldn’t wait to get her off me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little girl and I still loved her then but still I had those feelings and believe me, I think I hated myself even more because of those feelings.

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Zoë’s colic started around 6 weeks, no matter what we did, we just couldn’t get her to bring up wind and settle down comfortably. I would throw her over my shoulder and tap her on the back until my arms started getting sore from holding her that way, then I would lie her across my legs with her head dangling one side and her legs the other and I would again tap her on the back. We would eventually hear a little burp or fart escape and thinking we have FINALLY DONE IT we would put her in her cot to sleep. Walking away I would hear her moaning and wriggling about, then the scream cries start … and back to the beginning it is!

It went on like that for a week or two, just imagine how tired we were because she hardly slept because of this painful and uncomfortable feeling she always had in her gut. Zoë used to cry so bad at times that my mom would come running into to our room from the other side of the house to see who is killing the baby, only to find that the poor child is struggling to bring up wind. Gripe water didn’t help us. All it did was help calm her down for 5 – 10minutes and then the screaming and crying starts again. And crying from my side.

My Gran introduced me to Telament drops that she bought at Clicks. These are freely available on their shelves, yet I had never thought of it before or even thought that Zoë might have Colic. You can imagine my emotions at that time. I was thinking what a horrible mother I was that I didn’t know what was wrong with my own baby.

Because Zoë was already on formula at the time, she was already on bottles so administering the drops was easy for us. The instructions say we must put the drops on her tongue before or after feeding or in her bottle. They also say to put 12 drops in each bottle. That was a BIG waste as we used to boil water for her and put it into a glass 1 litre milk bottle and add a few drops, no more than 10 (usually 8 if I did it, less if it was her father) and wait for it to cool off. With that water we then put the right amount of water into her bottles and simply added the formula and Voila, off we go. Its a good idea to also look at the best formula for gassy babies South Africa.

After we started giving Zoë the Telament drops me never ever had to worry about burping her again. She would take her bottle out of her mouth to burp and then continue drinking. Or it would come out the other end. We could even lie her in the bed or cot and she would burp herself. In the beginning though we weren’t convinced so we still tried to burp her but eventually saw it wasn’t necessary. Telament made our lives so easy.

Zoë was a Colic baby from the age of 6 weeks till 8 months old. We had tried to take her off the Telament drops before and the crying started all over again so at 8 months we weaned her slowly off the drops till no more was in her water and that was the end of colic for us.

Written by Sheree Szebedelli

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  1. I went through something similar with Liam too, and we also put him on telemant drops! Works wonders. He only needed them for about 2 months, and fortunately we had no hassles taking him off it. Would definitely recommend it to all baba’s suffering with Colic.

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