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The Martyr Mom

The Martyr Mom

During the last two weeks I have read numerous articles on mums who have testified on how they have worked out mental and other methods of taking care of themselves, before working their bodies into oblivion, taking care of their children, husbands and households. It got me thinking about, well …

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Post Natal Depression (PND)

Postnatal Depression PND

Post natal depression can be confused with Baby Blues. Baby Blues affects about 80% of mothers and this is when you feel weepy, moody, tired and/ or anxious during the first week after giving birth, these feelings usually disappear within a few days. According to PNDSA (Post Natal Depression Support …

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A Mom is Born

A Mom Is Born

When a baby is born a mom is born too. I am mommy to a nearly 2 year old girl and 13 weeks pregnant with another girl boy. The fact is that I am not the same person I was before I had my girl and I never will be …

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Our Experience With A Colic Baby

A colic baby

I stopped breast feeding Zoë at 5 weeks as I just couldn’t cope with how vicious she was on the boob. I started loathing the fact that I had to feed her every 3 hours and just couldn’t wait to get her off me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my …

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Thinking About The New Baby

New Baby

I have been trying to prepare my 20 month old daughter for the fact that there is a new baby on the way, of course she doesn’t understand what I mean. I showed her my tummy and explained that there is a baby growing in there. She then rubbed my …

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Being Mom – Tired Is My Second Name!


Being mom is tiring! I’m sitting trying to figure out what to write for my next article and all I can think about is sleep! I posted on the page for ideas on what to write next and one of the fans asked for a day of my life… umm …

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The Elusive Balance

Finding Balance

I wonder how other moms find this elusive balance and the answer came to me about 2 weeks back when I had a private message on the Kaboutjie facebook page from a mom. She was writing to me personally to ask me how I balance being a mom, working, being …

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