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Growing Demand For Online Teachers In SA

Online teachers

In the last two years, the world of education has changed dramatically amid the pandemic, with the demand for distance learning growing rapidly. Optimi Home, which operates South Africa’s biggest homeschooling provider Impaq, has witnessed this trend first-hand with record numbers of families switching to its offering in the last …

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6 Reasons Why Your Next Nurse May Be a Male

Male nurse

Nursing is a field that has been, statistically, dominated by women. Perhaps it’s the nurturing instinct of women that makes them a natural fit for being a nurse. But it may also be the stigma that men aren’t meant to be nurses that keeps women at the bedsides of hospital …

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10 Careers Working With Children

School teacher helping girl

All careers that involve working with children are important – they are our future and they need to be nurtured and protected. Many women would love to pursue a career that involves working with children on a daily basis. I have always loved babies and children. When I was young …

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