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Tips On How To Transition From Breast Or Bottle To Sippy Cup

Cute Toddler Girl

Breast or bottle feeding is about more than just nutrition. For you and your baby, how you’ve been feeding since birth forms an incredible bonding experience. Typically, health professionals recommend breastfeeding to be the best nutritional choice for newborns. It isn’t always possible for all women, however. You may have …

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Vital Baby’s Colic Soothing Techniques

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Usually colic is short-lasting for just a few months, but nevertheless it is an upsetting time for both you and baby. It is commonly believed that colic in young babies can be a result of digestive or feeding problems, which can be linked to swallowing air when feeding.  Air can …

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Weaning Your Baby With Vital Baby

Weaning your baby may seem like a daunting experience but there’s no need to worry. Meal times should be fun affairs. With a little preparation and patience you’ll find it as rewarding as your baby will.   When should I start weaning?  You will need to think about weaning your baby …

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