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7 Best Essential Oils for Aging Skin

Woman aging skin

When you think about essential oils, it goes without saying that these oils have many beneficial uses such as using it for medicinal purposes, adding it to your weight loss regime or taking care of your skin. But which are the best essential oils for aging skin? Both Jojoba and …

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6 Essential Oils for The Home and Family

Essential Oils white and pink flowers

Essential oils have been in use for thousands of years for health and cosmetic benefits by many groups of people, and are actually still in use today. Though the earliest recorded use was about 1200 AD, it is generally believed that they have been around for much longer. Used for …

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DIY Hand and Foot Treatments

DIY hand and foot treatments

Finding the time and finances to go for a professional hand and foot treatment may be tricky for a lot of women, so here is a way to get around that with a DIY hand and foot treatment. It is so possible to give yourself or someone special a treat …

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3 DIY Bath Scrubs

These are such awesome recipes for DIY bath scrubs, made from all natural ingredients. I am loving the Youtube videos by Honeysuckle sharing amazing tips and natural recipes. These scrubs will make the most amazing homemade gifts.

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