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How To Wash Bras Without Damaging Them

Wash Bra

Whether you’ve invested in a lacy designer number or you’ve found that uber-rare gem – a comfy bra that you want to last as long as possible, caring for your bra and washing it correctly is important. Bras are very delicate, especially those with underwires or lace. They’re easy to …

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How To Remove Berry Stains

Mother daughter laundry

The washing machine is arguably one of the best inventions ever made.  It saves hours of work every week compared to old-fashioned washing methods. While the washing machine has improved the quality of cleaning, there are still limitations.  No matter how good modern methods are there are times when your …

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LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine Review

Start LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine

About 2 weeks after I was asked to review the LG Neochef microwave I was contacted again and asked if I might be interested in reviewing the LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine. Interested? Oh my word YES! **Disclosure – LG compensated me financially for this review as well as sent …

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