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LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine Review

About 2 weeks after I was asked to review the LG Neochef microwave I was contacted again and asked if I might be interested in reviewing the LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine. Interested? Oh my word YES!

**Disclosure – LG compensated me financially for this review as well as sent me the LG Smart Inverter Washing  Machine to review. The opinions expressed in this review remain my own.**

When we got married and I told my husband I needed a washing machine for our baby’s clothes he went off on his own and came back with a 5kg machine without asking me what I wanted.

Yes let me just get the rant out quick – the person that is going to use the appliance the most for the benefit of the whole family should be the person that chooses the appliance! Yes that would be the person washing all the kids clothing… ie me.

For the last 6 years I feel like I have spent my days doing load after load of laundry. Who knew two kids could generate this amount of laundry?

When I was single I would do ONE load a week and laundry was never a massive chore. Now it seems all I do is wash, hang, fold and pack away clothing. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

When LG offered me a choice of 9kg, 13kg, 15kg or 17kg I wanted to scream and jump for joy. I decided to opt for the 15kg washing machine since I don’t want to be running up and down anymore doing multiple loads but I don’t have a huge family and there are water restrictions to keep in mind.

The day the washing machine arrived there was great excitement and the box was absolutely massive. They delivered it and the box stood in our house for 2 days while we waited for the guys to come and install it. Our washing machine setup is in the garage and I was worried about it taking up a lot more space than our old machine. By the size of the box it looked like we may need an extra parking space!

However when the installation guys came to install it turned out the machine was not nearly as huge and bulky as I worried it may be. And oh my word is this machine good-looking. It is a smart looking piece of equipment that will look great in any kitchen.

My kids made a house out of the box and played in it for days before we had to throw it out!

Now that I have been using this LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine for just over a month, I can share everything I know about it. Apologies that is has taken me so long to share this review, but I had some delays due to medical problems.

LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine Review

Easy To Use

This is always something that freaks me out a little when I get a new appliance like a washing machine. I get myself into a twist worrying about all the different settings and how I might just wreck the new machine pushing a wrong button!

This machine is so user friendly and easy that my husband was using it in minutes without glancing at the instruction manual that I was busy reading from front to back.

I needn’t have worried, the control panel is so simple and easy to use that my nervousness was gone by the time I got my first wash on the go!

Greater Control

There are so many different options to choose from on the control panel giving greater control over your laundry than ever before. You can even set your washing to start at a certain time. I just love this since I don’t like putting my washing on in the evening and letting it sit wet overnight until I hang it in the morning. I can time my washing to finish as soon as I get home from taking the kids to school so I can hang it up before I start my work for the day.

You can also set it to soak your washing before it starts the wash cycle.

I’ve mentioned that you can do a big load with this machine, but also just as important you can do a very small wash too – you know for those moments that you need just one thing washed in a jiffy!

Saves Electricity

The LG Smart Inverter washing machine has Energy Saving with Smart Inverter ControlThis means that it uses less power to run because it uses just the right amount of energy needed to perform the task it needs to do. This makes this machine so much more energy sufficient – 36% more efficient to be precise.

I also noticed after the first wash that the machine turns itself off after it has completed it’s cycle to save energy, this is the Standby Power Save feature coming into action.

I also love the fact that it has 4 different spin cycle options available. If the weather is hot I can do a quick spin cycle and save on time and electricity and my laundry will dry fast. I also have a medium and high spin option as well as “air dry”. I haven’t tried out air dry yet but I would assume this is for those rainy, cold days where I can hang my clothing up inside and it will still dry because it is almost dry already!

Come winter that may be saving me a fortune instead of me having to use my tumble dryer!

Better Washing

The washing machine has Smart Motion which is three different types of motion (agitating, rotating and swinging) so that your wash is optimized for your fabric type.

The Turbo Drum™ means that you get an incredibly powerful wash that removes stubborn dirt due to strong water stream of the rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite direction.

I have seen that our clothes are coming out cleaner while the washing process appears to be much gentler and kinder on our clothing.

Saves Water

Saving water is absolutely essential now and this machine will only use the amount of water it needs based on the size of your load.

I cannot emphasize enough how important this is now, especially with Day Zero fast approaching for Cape Town. Here in the West Coast we have level 5 water restrictions which is 87 litres of water a day per person and not exceeding 20 000 litres a month for a residential property.

Quiet and Durable

I can’t believe how quiet this machine is, while it won’t bother me because it is in the garage I had to mention that it is incredibly quiet. It is also a still machine. Now that may sound strange but our previous machine would be in a different place after a wash cycle was completed. It would hop all over the place.

The Smart Inverter Motor keeps the sound to 45dB and ensures that there is less vibration.

The washing machine is Anti-Corrosive with BMC* housing that protects that motor from dust, humidity and pests.

There is a 10 year warranty on the Smart Inverter Motor.

My Final Verdict For The LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine

I absolutely love this machine. My life has become so much easier with being able to firstly just put one load in due to it being a 15kg washing machine, but also due to the great functionality of this machine.

I may be a stay at home mom, but I also work full time from home and this means I don’t have time to waste in my day. This washing machine does an amazing job cleaning our laundry as well as cutting time out of the process. From the quick wash cycle, to being able to program when it starts washing to being able to add a little extra spinning to the load… everything is just spot on.

I honestly can’t see any downside to this machine to share with you, except perhaps to take careful note of its size to make sure you will be able to fit it in the space you have available – luckily this was not a concern for us at all as we have plenty of space in our garage!

Check out the LG Smart Inverter here

And just for fun we made a house for the kids out of the huge box and it kept them entertained for days!

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  1. Sound like a wonderful machine to have. I am jealous.

  2. Lucky you!But you deserve with after years of struggle with a washing machine that only takes 5kg. I also struggled with such a small machine for some time. I Especially got frustrated when I washed blankets.

    • Yes exactly, a blanket was a one item wash and really got me annoyed. When I washed all our bedding it would be 3 – 4 loads. I literally put everything in together now – just one load.

      I am LOVING it 🙂

  3. First off YAY for the new washing machine. I know how hard it is to struggle with a washing machine. We moved to a different city 4 years back and with no baby then we sold everything and what could fit into our cars we kept. We used a very old second hand washing machine for a while until it broke and then it was hand washing like in the very very very old days.
    Needless to say laat year we got a new one and the excitment was crazy.
    May you have many stress free loads of washing ?

    • Oh handwashing…. the pain! I didn’t mind when it was just me and my hubby. I would take all our laundry to the laundromat once a week and it was no problem – anything we needed washed in between that I just did by hand. Then we had a baby and that was just no longer viable anymore! I can’t imagine not having a washing machine now, I would be in serious trouble.

      Congrats on your new machine @monoqueventer 🙂

  4. I am a stay at home mom to, with three boys and I also have loads of washing to do. The size you chose definitely is an added bonus. My husband who is one of those wanna be off the grid people also seems to be intrigued by the energy consumption, so Google was right at as finger tips helping him research. I am so ready to get a bigger washing machine so I will take a look at this. I felt the excitement reading your post.

    • So it’s not just me that gets excited by a big washing machine? You have no idea the difference it has made to my life. I do maximum only one load a day now, I don’t even do laundry every day anymore! When I do the bedding I can put the entire family’s bedding in, one wash! Oh the happiness!

      Besides the size of the tub everything about this machine really is a pleasure! I am just waiting on LG to get back to me on the exact water usage on a full load for each size since I have been asked that and it would be very handy to know to accommodate for the water restrictions!

      I can see that this machine and I will be friends for a long time.

  5. First of all, great review @lynne.

    My history with washing machines are complicated to say the least.
    I’ve never owned a brand new washing machine. I’ve always used hand me down’s. And every single one of them had their own little tricks and abnormalities. :-O But I never complained,because at least I had a washing machine and didn’t have to hand wash.

    I recently had to buy a new washing machine because after our move, the old one didn’t even want to switch on. I’ve applied to buy a rent-to-own unit because I couldn’t afford a new one.
    But luckily, my Mom moved in with my brother and she didn’t have the space or need for her machine anymore.

    I was so happy. This is an LG 15kg top loader washing machine which was almost brand new. First time ever that I owned a top loader and a huge washing machine. No more multiple loads and back breaking transferring of clothes into and out of the twin tub.
    It’s true, since JD was born, I have an endless supply of washing. I smile proudly when I look at the empty laundry basket, but the feeling doesn’t last for long.

    Back to you review, this machine sounds amazing!

    The top three benefits for me:
    * That you can set a timer for the washing. This is an amazing feature and I’ve never seen it with any other brand before.
    * Energy saving – I would love to have a washing machine that saves electricty.
    *Saves water – I don’t think I have to say too much about this wonderful feature, especially with water being so scarce and water restrictions.

    You are so lucky to have the opportunity to review this wonderful product and being rewarded on top of it for your review.
    Do you guys get to keep the machine? I apologize for the stupid question, but I’m genuinely curious.

    • Yes @loupie I get to keep the machine, which is such a massive bonus! One of the awesome perks of blogging is all the awesome things I get to try out!

      I know what you mean about the feeling not lasting long with the washing baskets being empty LOL but at least now when I do a load the baskets are actually empty.

      Oh nice bonus that you also have a 15kg LG machine! This is my first top loader I have ever had, I always thought that the front loaders were nicer but yesterday when I did a load I realized I had turned the machine on and left out a pair of undies… ugghhhh you know how you do that? Then I just opened the machine and chucked it in…you can’t do that with a front loader!

      I’ve come to realize that I really do like the top loader very much.

      It’s not so much a timer as a delay, so when you put your washing in you tell it in how many hours you want it to be finished and it will start it at the right time to have it finished by then. I usually load my machine at 8pm as soon as my kids have gone to bed so I have their clothes from the day in the basket then I set it for a 12 hour delay. I always get home at 8am and it is ready to hang up!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this review, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  6. I am a single mom of 4 girls and I have a washing machine but I think it got tired of being fixed every second month. And washing so many clothes?
    I think its time I get that LG 15kg now. And it saves water and energy ! WOW! We having water problems in Cape Town at the moment and it will be the best dicision to buy it now. Happy for you that you have to review it, my name is written on that washing machine as we speak.

    • Eek 4 girls and no machine? What a nightmare! I find it easier to cope with my son’s washing – he just wears one pair of shorts and a t-shirt every day. My daughter is another story, there are days she wears 4 or 5 different outfits and no matter what I do she just carries on. It really is upsetting!

  7. Oh I see @lynne. It still is a great feature and very clever for a washing machine. 😛

    I love a top loader. Our previous washing machine which was gifted to us had a few problems. The door couldn’t close properly, so you have to keep on banging it until it locks, which end up doing more damage. Plus, like you said once you forget to add something, you have to wait for the next load or washing day.

    I thank my lucky stars every time when I do my washing. It’s just so much better now.

    Oh wow, it’s great that you get to keep so many amazing products and appliances. But on the other hand, bloggers work very hard, and you guys educate us, the public of what’s worth buying and what not.
    I’m going to check out the review on the microwave, because now I’m curious.

    • Yes it can be hard work, but it is also fun and very rewarding! Plus I get to do my thing at home… which I love for so many reasons!

      Oh the microwave is amazing! I can’t believe I only ever used to warm coffee before I got the LG Neochef! Now I roast chicken and do all sorts of fancy things. I even baked a cake in it!

  8. I am with you on this one Lynne, we also just had a 7kg front loader washing machine for about 2 years, we received it as a gift from my mother in law when she upgraded to a bigger machine.

    I hated washing clothes, the front loader can not take 7kg’s as the weight is pushed down all the time so every second day it was 3-4 cycles with our son being a baby. Last year our machine got a fault and we were without a machine for about 3 months, hand washing everything was impossible so I used to put all the bigger items in my car and drive them to my mom’s house and wash them there, when we saw that her 10kg top loader could manage with a bigger load saving washing powder, fabric Softener and money we decided to go have a look at a new machine.

    We then saw the LG 15KG top loader and I fell in love with it, after deliberating with the people focing our old machine they bought it from us and we bought the LG 15KG machine, since then I am not worried about washing anymore, it really is a breeze to go to sleep and you know the next morning the first cycle will be done and you can just pop it on the line to dry before we get off to work.

    No more sleepless nights, (LG might just want to invent a machine that washes, dries and folds all in one – no one will ever worry about washing then!)

    • Oh my word a machine that washes dries and folds all in one? I’m in @laetitiac lol

      Yes it makes such a difference. I can’t imagine how painful it must have been without a washing machine for 3 months with a child. Ouch!

  9. What??? This machine sounds like something I definitely need! When i do washing, I do 2 loads a time. First the kids clothes and then ours. I think I have a 7 kg machine. It’s a Samsung.
    Mine is also a good looking machine but this one!! This machine will make my kitchen look good!

    I love all the features that you’ve mentioned. My current machine uses quite a bit of water so I need to really wash when it’s absolutely necessary.

    The air dryer is also an amazing feature that I think I will use quite a bit in winter. I do have a dry buddy which is fantastic. the only problem is that it cannot take a lot of adult clothes. It is very cost effective.

    Thank you for a great review. I will definitely show my husband this cool machine…it is our anniversary month LOL!

    What a bonus to keep the machine @lynne. You are very lucky indeed!

    • Yes I am very lucky @elena – what a difference it has made to my life! I haven’t used the air-dry yet because it is still so warm and sunny, but I am looking forward to checking it out come winter. I do have a tumble dryer but oh my word does it chow electricity! Plus it takes a while to dry the laundry so this will cut down on time and costs.

      Good luck – I hope your hubby takes the hint to get you this machine, it is lovely.

  10. I have a 12kg toploader at the moment but the moment I put blankets in I have to keep an eye on it because it refuses to spin properly. It Keeps singing to me😂. This machine sounds like a dream. Enjoy your carefree laundry days

    • Now that you say that @saleeha our old washing machine every now and then didn’t spin the load properly and the washing was so wet – but if I put it on spin again then it would come out fine. It didn’t happen very often and like I said it wasn’t a massive problem but it was annoying when it happened.

      Thankfully now I don’t have to worry about that anymore!

      Oh and something I didn’t mention in my review is that this machine has Smart Diagnosis so you can hold your phone to the machine when it is runningand it will tell you what the problem is by the sound! How cool is that?

  11. Thanks for the review @lynne. My large Whirpool toploader (non-digital)has been great for nearly 20 years so far but starting to give some problems so I will definitely keep this LG in mind if I get a new one. I also love getting quality tools for my household jobs: from brooms to bakeware and I get excited at the prospect of getting new tools! 😁

  12. LOL for your hubby buying a 5 kg machine! I’m sure you could have just about fit his socks in it. This machine sounds so exciting. I think i shall have to write my letter asap to Santa to process it! I love the fact that you can set the timer on when you want the cycle to start. That is so nice! I sometimes get so overwhelmed and then i will start a wash cycle just before i go to bed(Which will sometimes be 12 o’clock at night) and then i lay worrying if it will smell the next day?!?! Also love the fact that you can set the spin cycles, its water saving feature, energy saving feature and that you can choose the size of the machine. I can definitely see the LG Smart Inverter Washing machine in my space!

  13. No words needed. I LOVE my LG. This review pretty much sums it up. Washing is no longer a chore.

  14. @Saaleah a tip on your machine not spinning:

    Check your filters of your machine once in 2 weeks,
    Wash the same material or only 1 blanket at a time, remember wool is much thicker than cotton. When you wash them together the one goes and sits along the side of the drum, the machine then will not get the alignment sorted out and will not spin.

    Happened to me aswell with me front loader then my wonderful mommy saved the day.

    Also make sure you do not wash with warm water. For some odd reason the fabric is heavier with warm water and then the spinning also does not work.

    I hope this can help you.

    @lynne i was crying every night for those 3 months. But with the new machine i am smiling all the way.

  15. I would love a machine that could do it all, I have a 12kg machine and no it doesn’t have much perks that its so big, cause the loads are always split between colours and whites so there is never really a complete load and end up doing most beddings with the clothes.
    Worse then the drying of clothes is the packing away and ironing…. absolutely hate ironing!!

  16. Wow this machine sounds great!thanks for this review its such a big help seeing that ive been struggling for years to decide what to buy as I had my mind set on a front loader but couldnt find one that I was happy with,I just kept delaying it and today I still dont have a washing machine and use my moms…well now im really considering this one even though its a top loader.its awesome that is saves water seeing the major water shortage here in cape town…will definetely be going to take a look at this one in store soon!!cant wait:-)

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