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Kaspersky Smart Home Security: The Company Announces New Product To Protect Connected Devices At Home

Smart Home Security Device

Kaspersky has announced the release of a new solution – Kaspersky Smart Home Security. The new approach will help telecom operators respond to growing consumer demand for the protection of smart home devices. It provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of possible threats – device breakdowns, malicious attacks, covert …

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Gift Ideas for Tech-Savvy Moms

Smart watch

Mothers of this era need to be in the know when it comes to the lingo—the juicy happenings—and what better way to do so than to get to know the tech. In this day and age, everything can be learned through the internet, and the tech that is available is …

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4 Home Automation Solutions for Busy Parents

Family at home

Parents, you have so much on your plate. You’re running your kids to school, after school activities, check-ups, play dates — the list is never-ending. How about letting some tech upgrades help lighten the load? Doorbell Cam and Smart Lock Doorbell cameras and smart lock technology boost security and peace …

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5 Smart Home Devices for Busy Young Moms

Young mom and daughter taking selfies

Sometimes back there was a TV program “I dream of Ann” where a particular female character would blink her eyes, and within a moment all household chores would be finished. With the advanced technology, today busy moms have access to smart home devices that can help them realize the same …

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LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine Review

Start LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine

About 2 weeks after I was asked to review the LG Neochef microwave I was contacted again and asked if I might be interested in reviewing the LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine. Interested? Oh my word YES! **Disclosure – LG compensated me financially for this review as well as sent …

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