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5 Benefits of Music Therapy for You and Your Pooch

Music Therapy has become popular in the last few years. However, music has been impacting our minds since the beginning of time. The melodious sounds that have a calming effect are a great way to relax your mind. Sound mental health is equal to positive energy and thoughts.

Good music has a two-fold effect on both you and your dog or cat. It can help both of you in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. With an uplifting music, you can prepare the lazy pooch to get ready for a walk, jog or play. After all, obesity leads to many health issues in humans and pets.

5 Benefits Of Music Therapy For You and Your Pooch

5 Benefits of Music You and Your Dog May Enjoy:

Music Therapy has really become popular among people and dog specialists. Tune, tone, sound, lyrics, and melody leave a long-term effect on our minds. It often impacts our actions in different ways. Music therapy employs good and relaxing music for positive health effects.

  1. Cardiac Health:

Music Therapy helps to reduce the breathing and heart rate of anxious and hyperactive dogs. It has a similar relaxing effect on your heart and mind. If you have a stressful work routine, music therapy can be an answer to your problems. If you are anxious like your dog, you can enjoy good music along with him to relax and feel good.

  1. Mental Health:

Brain Wave Music Therapy acts on the alpha, beta, gamma and theta brain waves. Whether the person wants to relax, feel enthusiastic, be active, or sleep, brains waves can be activated accordingly.

Music is effective for patients suffering from mental health issues. It helps prevents one from negative thinking.

If the pooch is suffering from anxiety problems, good dog music can assist in toning down the excess of energy. If your pooch is prone to separation anxiety, just play a soft music daily when you are at home. When you are going to the office, turn on the same music before leaving. It’ll create a familiarity for the pooch in your absence.

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  1. Help with Insomnia:

Music Therapy is a proven remedy for insomnia or lack of sleep due to anxiety. Insomniacs can enjoy a deep sleep and quality sleep with music. You must have fallen asleep oftentimes while listening to soft and relaxing music.

If your pooch is under stress due to a major change in his life, he may feel trouble falling asleep. Music can help his body muscles to relax. He will gradually fall asleep and get used to the routine.

  1. Paced Up Recovery:

Music Therapy helps pets in quick recovery after they have had a major surgery. It helps tone down their anxiety and ensures prolonged hours of relaxed sleep. A relaxed mind and body pace up the recovery process. Research has revealed that soft music slows down a cat’s pupil dilation and respiration rate while she is under anesthesia.

Studies have also revealed a similar effect on patients of trauma, depression, and schizophrenia. A study shows better emotional relaxation, positive behavioral changes, and better cognitive processes in schizophrenic patients using music therapy.

  1. Strengthen the Human-Animal Bond:

Music Therapy strengthens the bond between you and your four-legged. If you have brought a rescue pet home, music can help him calm down. Before training, dog-trainers often use music therapy to calm down the pet and control him better. It helps to connect the pet with you and other humans.

If you play one track when visiting the vet and another track when going to the dog park, the dog will start recognizing and associating it with the destinations. He will be able to prepare himself beforehand.

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