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10 Useful Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Baby showers are a wonderful occasion for moms to be to celebrate their upcoming birth. It is also a time for friends and family to give useful and practical gifts to make her transition into motherhood easier.

While you may want to buy more expensive gifts for your best friend or your sister’s baby shower you may want to buy something inexpensive for friends that are not in your very close circle of friends. You may also be looking for a nice cost effective gift to buy a work colleague when she goes away on maternity leave.

Here are some great baby shower gifts that won’t cost you an arm and a leg:

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10 Useful Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

Fun Baby On Board Sign or Sticker

Baby on board signs and stickers are very popular among parents. Don’t go for the boring baby on board stickers, make sure to find a funky and fun baby on board sticker that will stand out and make a really lovely gift.

This will make a great stand alone small gift and it will also make a lovely gift to add to a gift hamper or nappy cake.

Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are inexpensive and every new mother will need a number of them since they will get dirty very quickly and she will need a new one on hand constantly.

Pile of diapers on table


Diapers is one gift that will always be appreciated no matter which size, brand or pack size you buy. If the mom to be plans to use disposable diapers then this is going to be one ongoing expense that she will have for about 2 years. Plus buying diapers for gifts means that the new mom will get an opportunity to try out different brands before settling on the one that she decides is best for her baby.

Drool Bib with Pacifier Clip

Drool bibs are awesome and so are pacifier clips which prevents your baby’s pacifier from falling on the dirty floor all the time. Buying a drool bib with pacifier clip combines these two awesome products making a very useful gift for any mom.

Baby Toiletries

Baby shampoo, soap and bum cream are great gifts to buy for an expecting mom. They will be used and they don’t cost a fortune either. Grab a couple of baby toiletry items and you have a great baby shower gift.

Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

An organizer that keeps together baby changing products is an awesome gift. It makes changing diapers anywhere in the home easy and convenient without having to carry loads of things. Being able to grab the organizer with one hand while holding a baby is going to be a life saver for any new mom. It will also keep the changing table or area neat and tidy and anything that will help with keeping the home neat and clean is a bonus.

Security Self Soother Blanket

These come in loads of different designs and types. There are some with little tags all around for baby to suck on, hold and play with and others that come with plush fabric and little animals on for family to cuddle.

These are not expensive and make for lovely gifts for a new baby.

Taking baby temperature

Baby Thermometer

Every new mom will need a baby thermometer and they are not expensive at all. You could pair it up with one of those baby medication bottles which make it easy to give young babies medication – the medication gets put into the little bottle and baby sucks it out just like milk. No spilling, no mess and no fuss.

Baby Vests

Babies always need lots of vests in the first few months of their lives. This is another essential item that any expecting mom will be happy to receive. Get a few in long and short sleeves so that baby is has an assortment for warm and cold days.

You can get some with cute  designs on, but plain will work just as well as the baby will need to wear vests under other clothing for a while to come.

Baby Wipes

This is another baby essential that all moms needs, even the moms that choose to use fabric cloths instead of baby wipes to clean baby’s bottom. The thing is that when a mom is out and about you always need to have a pack of wipes on you whether it be for your baby’s bottom, to wipe up spills or to wipe sticky hands. Trust me on this one, there is no such thing as too many baby wipes! Baby wipes are a mom’s best friend.

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  1. Elize Swanepoel

    Nostalgia is coming back when reading this post.

    I still remember being pregnant and having my own baby shower.

    I was very fortunate. I only had a few ladies at my baby shower, but they were so generous and the gifts that I received helped me immensely.

    I received 5 packs of nappies, 14 packs of wet wipes, 5 embroided burp cloths (towel nappies) and a lot of baby toiletries, a few blankets and a load of baby clothing (new and used).

    Top on my list of baby shower gifts are:
    * Baby thermometer
    * Towel nappies / burp cloths
    * Nappies
    * Wet wipes (there is no such thing as too many wet wipes once you become a Mom)
    * Baby socks (for the first year of baby’s life, shoes is not a requirement)
    * Onesies / baby grows (the best, especially since a newborn has a lot of nappy changes)
    * Vests
    * Baby bag (great as a gift because you go through a few of them)
    * Something for the new Mommy-to-be (just as a great gesture)
    * Baby medicines for 0-3 years (colic drops, vicks babyrub, gripe water)

  2. I love baby showers,they help alot….also got alot of stuff for my kids that lasted for about 6 to 12 months

  3. Awesome ideas

  4. Don’t forget hair and nail clipper set.
    Can’t wait for my baby shower. I have a short gift registry because with the second you know what’s needed. There’s a lot they sell that is really unnecessary.

  5. Monique Delcarme-Adams

    Diapers and non scented toiletries are always my go to for showers. One can never have too many of these ☺️

    • Diapers are definitely always a winner when it comes to baby shower gifts. I was so grateful for all the diapers I received at my baby showers!

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