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How To Choose The Best Online Marriage Therapist

Couple holding hands

In this age of technology you can do just anything online, this includes having marriage counseling. In fact online counseling offers many benefits, especially when it comes to the convenience for both partners. Chances are high that one or both spouses work full time which makes getting to sessions together …

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5 Benefits of Premarital Therapy

Mr and Mrs sign

As you prepare for your big day chances are high that couples therapy is the last thing on your mind. However chances are good that you do have a prenuptial agreement on your to do list before you walk down the aisle. If you are making provisions for what happens …

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5 Signs You Need Relationship Therapy

Unhappy Couple

Almost every new relationship starts off exciting and with that intense feeling of falling in love. It would be amazing if this feeling stayed forever but the fact is that the honeymoon phase of relationships fade away and a more mature love takes it place. One that takes hard work …

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3 Signs You Need Therapy

Peace harmony

Therapy can seem like a mysterious process that is hard to understand. A lot of people even think therapy can make things worse rather than better. But therapy is designed to provide a safe space to discuss difficult feelings. It’s not just about harvesting trauma for the sake of saying …

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How Music Can Heal The Heart

Lying down listening to radio

Music has the ability to stir powerful emotions. Almost everyone has had the experience of hearing a piece of music and feeling powerfully moved. It’s a technique often used by advertisers, who play on themes of romance, nostalgia, and many others to increase the appeal of their products. It’s a …

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