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Confessions Of An Amateur Juggler

Kirsty Savides Wriggle and Rhyme

For years I’ve had a running joke that if I were to ever write a book, it would be called “Confessions of an Amateur Juggler”.   It’s a ridiculous joke, because I’m not actually a circus juggler, but I am a working mom so I do juggle a lot.  However, the …

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Building Blocks Of Music Theory For Kids

Kids music

There’s no two ways about it, kids love music. For many kids, that starts and ends with jumping around the room with their friends to their favorite Disney songs. However, if that interest is nurtured, you can easily help them come to a higher level of appreciation for music, and …

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Music Matters In Your Little One’s Development

Music and movement

As parents, we want what’s best for our children.  This means that we want them to be healthy and develop holistically.  We want to give them the best possible chance to thrive and music matters! I don’t know about you, but I often feel bombarded with information. It can be …

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Catchy ‘Corona’ Song Spreads Positive Message

Andatrap story all 3

Underpinning South Africa’s President, Cyril Ramaphosas’s words during his ‘family’ meeting on 28th December, the organisers of South African Music Week (SAMW), have today launched a music video – entitled ‘Corona’ – which is a collaboration by a number of international music artists who have used their craft to create an …

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What Attracts Children and Teens to Rap Music?

Teens and rap

During the past few years, music has undergone a tremendous amount of evolution. Now, there are some sources that are projecting that rap music has become more popular than rock music, displacing one of the largest music movements of the past fifty years. In large part, this has been driven …

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How Music Can Heal The Heart

Lying down listening to radio

Music has the ability to stir powerful emotions. Almost everyone has had the experience of hearing a piece of music and feeling powerfully moved. It’s a technique often used by advertisers, who play on themes of romance, nostalgia, and many others to increase the appeal of their products. It’s a …

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5 Benefits Of Singing For Children

Little Boy Singing With Microphone

Children love to sing and may start “singing along” to songs long before they even say their first word. Singing is fun for your child and it comes with plenty of amazing benefits for your child that will help your child’s development, language skills and confidence, as well as help …

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How Music Can Reduce Stress

Playing guitar

Music can be termed as an art. An art that is timed organized with elements like sonic qualities pitch and rhythm whose medium is sound. As a tool of art, music has the power to impact on our daily life as a whole. In our day today’s society, stress is …

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