Behind The Scenes November 2022 – Plus Giveaway

November 2022 was an incredibly busy month, with my daughter writing exams, my son doing assessments, loads of school activities, and lots of work. Here’s what I’ve been busy with in November 2022.

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November 2022 blog update

New Monthly Giveaway #KaboutjieTopFan

I’m so excited to announce that I am going to be doing an awesome monthly giveaway that will run on my monthly update posts. It will be jampacked with self-care products for moms, every hamper will be different and will include some of the products that I love.

I’ve also collaborated with The Papery, Hada Labo Tokyo, Happy Event, and Therific Ideas so there will always be products from these companies in each hamper.

The winner will be chosen from one of my most engaged fans, someone that engages here on my website through commenting on blog posts, on Instagram, on my Facebook page and my Facebook group.

The first giveaway is running on this post, so scroll down to the bottom to enter, and remember to engage in all the listed places to stand a chance to win!

End Of Year

I find it incredibly hard to cope in the last term of every year. My kids are busy with exams and assessments, plus almost as soon as the school term starts we get communication for the new year’s books, stationery, school fee increases, school activities like prizegiving ceremonies, and more. Lots of baking for birthday parties, and baking ginger biscuits.

It is also the time to start thinking about end of year class parties and gifts for teachers. I find it so exhausting and I am so glad that today my daughter writes her last exam and we are basically done for the year. The only thing I now need to get through is my son’s birthday party tomorrow and prizegiving ceremonies next week. I have often found myself completely burnt out at this time of year, and I can feel I am very close to that.

Next week once everything is done and dusted with school I can start thinking about my son’s birthday gift and Christmas gifts. My son’s birthday is just before Christmas, so we have to have his party before school breaks up otherwise almost everyone is away on holiday.

If you are looking for great Christmas stocking filler ideas, check out the Pokémon portfolio and refill packs from Mr Tickles. My son is obsessed with Pokémon cards and loves the portolio and refill packs we received, it will fit beautifully in a Christmas stocking for Pokémon fans. It isn’t on their website but you can contact Theo on 072 274 0896 to order.


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Body Stress Release – Sciatica Update

I’ve been going to Body Stress Release since 2013 with amazing results. I first started going for pelvic pain and sciatica when I was pregnant with my son and I’ve been going ever since for my sciatica that flares up regularly.

While I’ve been going over the years I have only gone for damage control due to budget and time constraints. Recently I started doing it properly as recommended by Norah from Body Stress Release West Coast and I can really feel the difference. Now that I’m going monthly I realize that even when I was “fine” I was still feeling a certain amount of pain and discomfort. I am now completely pain free.


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Birthday Party

Tomorrow is my son’s birthday party and I’ve left my preparations quite late! This afternoon I still have to make his cake, a lemon merinque pie, and a strawberry cheesecake. It is going to be a busy afternoon. Tomorrow I’m going to cook some sausage rolls and make a fruit platter, then all done.

I’m doing exactly the same food and games for my son as I did for my daughter’s birthday party a month ago. We will definitely be playing the chocolate game, which is a huge hit with the kids. Check this Instagram post to see how it works.

I’m loving the kitchen scale I got from Kitchen Kartel, it really is a game changer. This is the first time I’ve had a digital scale and it makes it so much easier since a lot of recipes give the ingredients in weight, so I spent a lot of time guessing and Googling how many grams or flour equals how many cups.


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Q Photo Everyday Photo Books

Getting a new photo book every month is amazing, there is something special about having a physical copy of all the important events that happen each month. It is also fantastic to capture those everyday moments and seeing my kids growing up.

These photo books will also make a superb gift for a close family member, like your mom.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to get a 20% discount coupon for the Everyday Photo Book from Q Photo.


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I remember my mom labeling all of our things every year when we were growing up. The pencils and pencil crayons really stand out for me. She would painstakingly scrape the paint of the wood off the end of the pencil and then write our names there.

Every time I label my kids things I think about those days while I pop labels on everything quickly and easily. The Essential School Starter pack from Kidico rocks. You get 221 labels in total made up of iron on labels, pencil labels, shoe labels, and rectangular labels.

I also received a clothing stamp for each of my kids so I can just stamp their name onto their clothing. I also find this super convenient for stamping their names in the inside of their books instead of writing them in when I send all the books first day of term. Then the books come home with front covers so I can cover with plastic.

Scroll to the bottom of this post for a 20% off coupon code for Kidico.


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Cadbury Festive Range

The festive range from Cadbury is amazing, and I can’t wait to finish my live video today so that I can finally eat it. I’ve been holding onto it to show everyone during my live video, but its come close a few times to me eating them and showing the wrappers instead.

I received the festive range last year and it was divine.


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Weight Loss Update

Since this about time last year until now I’ve lost 12kgs. It has been a slow but steady process and I’ve loved seeing my weight loss progress. However, the best achievement to date is not about the numbers, it is about fitting into a dress that has been sitting in my cupboard brand new for years. I bought it without trying it on, clearly thinking it would fit and it didn’t. I lost the slip and couldn’t return it or swap it for a bigger size.

I could actually get the dress on, but it was so tight. Then I got stuck in it. I could not get it off and thought I might need to cut myself out of it. I called my kids and helped to get me free. Over the years I’ve tried it on a number of times. A few of those I also got stuck but over the last year it has come closer and closer to fitting, although it has been too tight and uncomfortable to wear.

Ten days ago I put it on and it fit perfectly and I felt comfortable. It felt so good. When I wear this dress I can feel my achievement.


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Getting Ready For Summer

Last year I did a collaboration with Bareskin and reviewed their laser hair removal machine. It absolutely rocked and I super smooth, silky legs. Then winter came and I kept up with it for a bit and then I stopped. My legs once again spent the winter very hairy.

Then the sun came out and I thought oops, I really should have continued through winter because long term it is less work. It takes 4 to 8 weeks for my hair growth to get stunted and it takes 2 to 3 sessions per week during that time. Each session takes me about 45 minutes (under arms, bikini, legs, and some chin hair) to complete. I’m about half way through my 8 weeks and it is coming along well.

If you haven’t tried laser hair removal you should really read my review and look into it. Long term it is less work and much less money, although the initial expense and effort is more.

Scroll down to the bottom to get a coupon code for Bareskin.


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Another thing I’ve been busy with is my feet. They are normally an eyesore during summer. My feet get so dry and cracked. It is always a mission trying to keep my feet looking and feeling good. About a month ago I decided to give the Sorbet Pedi-care range a go and it is superb. Read my review here.

The sugar scrub is my favourite and my feet have never looked better.

Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots the last wish comes out next week Friday so make sure to put that on your activity list for the holidays. I’m also running a giveaway for Puss In Boots hampers, so make sure to scroll down to the competition section in this post to enter.


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Shopping At Food Lovers Market Weskus

The New Food Lovers Market has opened at the Weskus Mall and it is superb. Make sure to check it out if you are in the West Coast these holidays. It has gone from a great place to shop for fruit and vegetables to supplying so much more, including meat, fish, bakery, and other groceries.

The specials are fantastic and I love that I can now access the store from the outside, without having to walk into the mall for a quick in and out.


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Date Night At The Anchor Restaurant At Russells On The Port

My husband and I now go on a monthly date. In October we went rock climbing which was incredible. In November we decided to take a walk along the Berg River to Russells On The Port. The restaurant has changed ownership and is now called The Anchor. The menu has changed a bit since we went there for our 10 year wedding anniversary date.

I had the sole and my husband had the calamari, it was superb. You can read the review I wrote last year.


Sweatcoin is an app that pays you to walk. I’ve been a member for about 7 months. I finally got around to writing my review on Sweatcoin. I was waiting for the SWEAT crypto to launch and see if I could figure out how to withdraw cash from that. While I like Sweatcoin the SWEAT was sorely disappointing. I didn’t think it would be mind-blowing, especially since I’m really not into crypto, so I didn’t have high expectations. However, if you disappoint someone that already has very low expectations that is really bad.

Click here to sign up for Sweatcoin.


Ysense is a platform where you get paid to complete surveys and offers, play games, and refer others. I’ve been a member since 2015 and make approximately $100 a month. I’ve written a review on Ysense if you want to know how it all works, as well as post sharing tips to earn more. Last week I published another post sharing how to make money through playing games on Ysense.

Click here to sign up for Ysense.

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