Behind The Scenes February 2023 – Plus Giveaway

I was expecting February 2023 to be when things settled down after the school year started but life sometimes throws curve balls and things don’t work out as planned. February turned out to be one of the hardest months ever.

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February 2023

Super Hard Month

This month was incredibly hard. My daughter was sick twice, once with a tummy bug and the other time with flu. Then she also had to have a surgical procedure to remove 12 teeth. It was a brutal procedure and awful for my daughter to have to go through, plus it was terribly hard for me to watch her go through that. We had a lovely mother daughter breakfast date at The Booth Home Of The Bearded Baker a few days after her procedure.


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We’ve also been struggling with some family matters, I can’t really get into it too much because while I’m happy to share my personal struggles this involves a very close family member and its not my place to share in depth about it.

All I can say is that a family member has dementia, it might be Lewy Body Disease, but we are waiting for an appointment with a specialist to find out more. Living with a loved one with dementia is hard in so many ways and this is not something any of us have been prepared for.  It came on suddenly and we are all still reeling from the ways it is affecting us all.

Due to all of this I struggled to get any work done during the month of February, and everything is late. Such is life, sometimes it throws a curve ball and you just have to deal with as best you can. I’m busy playing catch up and hopefully I will be on track again soon.

Valentine’s Date At Cape Town Fish Market

My hubby and I went out to eat at the Cape Town Fish Market in Langebaan for our February date, we called it a Valentine’s Day date although we actually went out on the 13th February. It was just more convenient since my kids had their Valentine’s dance that evening so we didn’t have to worry about having someone look after our kids.

It was a lovely evening out, the weather was beautiful and the view was stunning.


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Glasses For Driving

I’m clearly getting older and my eyesight is not what it used to be. I’m struggling to read the white writing on the green road signs and also the small road names, and since I have to renew my driver’s license renewed in December this year I thought it might be best to get glasses now rather than fail my eye test when I renew my license.


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Won R1000 From The Salt Plus Second Campaign

I’m so excited about The Salt. In January I got my first paid campaign with The Salt, then in February I got my second paid campaign with them plus I won R1000 in their R50k #theSALTCashDrop competition. That really made my day!

To date I’ve now earned R2900 from The Salt. I’ve actually been a member for a while and never received any paid jobs from them until now. In December last year I decided to try a bit harder with The Salt and I logged in a few times and completed a number of unpaid quizzes and very soon after I received my first paid campaign.

The Salt is a platform that pays people to promote products, and you don’t have to be an influencer or blogger, anyone can sign up and earn. My recommendation is to complete as many quizzes as you can when you join since this is how they match profiles with brands.

You can sign up here and read my review on The Salt here.


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Had My Hair Done

I had my hair done at Capelli Hair Design in Velddrif and I’m so happy with it. I had highlights and lowlights put in, had a trim and got my hair beautifully styled. It was such a treat. This was the first time I had my hair done since before the pandemic hit, so it was seriously long overdue.

New Dress From Amazon

I’m so happy, I ordered a new dress from Amazon in February and its just arrived, so I haven’t had a chance to take any photos yet. It is the same as this one that I reviewed, just in a different print. I did a live video unboxing of it yesterday and I will share some photos as soon as I can.

I’m loving my maxi dresses and I love that I can buy on Amazon using gift cards I’ve earned through Ysense (completing surveys and offers, playing games, and referring others).


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Making Money Online

I really love making money online and its always been my plan to share what I know about blogging, I finally did my first live video on what bloggers do and how bloggers make money, and I will be writing a blog post on the topic including the video as soon as I can. I will also be doing more live videos on blogging as soon as I can, but since I am behind with everything I’m not quite sure when that will be. If you want to receive an email notification when I do a live video on blogging click here to subscribe to that newsletter.

I’m also loving writing reviews on ways to make money, my favourite platform to make money through completing surveys and offers, playing games, and referring others is Ysense. I’ve now earned over $3000 since I joined Ysense. You can read my review here and click here to join.

I’m checking out Swagbucks at the moment, it is very similar to Ysense and while I haven’t personally cashed out anything on Swagbucks yet I personally know a few people that have, so I am 100% sure its legit. I will write a review on it once I’m a bit more familiar with it and cashed out myself. You can sign up here for Swagbucks.

I’ve actually been a member of Swagbucks for a very long time, but when I first joined the only thing I could do from South Africa was complete the daily poll for $0.01 so I didn’t bother with it. Recently I found out that a lot more options have become available for South Africans so I am back at it.

Another nice platform to make money online is Rewardy, you can earn through watching videos, and completing surveys, offers, and quizzes. I’ve written a review on it here and you can click here to join.

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March 2023 Kaboutjie Top Fan Competition

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  • Clicks Charcoal detoxifying peel-off face mask
  • D’ Licious lemon creme cookies
  • D’Licious mint thins

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    I will really like to win this its been a really tough month i just pray and hope for some blessed months ahead. With the cost of everything n juggling life with the kids making sure they have everything they need is kinda tough. But God is good we make it at the end of each day. #winWithKaboutjie thanks for making moms special ❤️

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    Thank you again and God Bless you and your family for your kindness as you always give back and appreciate us, your fans as we do we appreciate you. Love your socials, so interesting, informative and helpful.

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