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Rewardy Review – Earn Extra Money Online Watching Videos

Rewardy came to my attention online recently with people posting about it on social media saying you can make money with this platform. I love finding new ways to make money online and I enjoy checking out which platforms are legit and which are time wasters or scammy. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now and I’ve mostly figured out how it works, so read my Rewardy review below if you want to know more.

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Rewardy Review - Earn Extra Money Online Watching Videos

About Rewardy

Rewardy is a platform that rewards you with points for certain activities such as watching streams, playing games, and completing surveys. Your points are shown on the app next to the $ icon – don’t mistake 1 point for $1 – 1 point is equal to $0.001 so 2500 points (minimum cash out amount for Paypal) is $2.50.

How To Earn Money With Rewardy

There are a number of ways to earn online with Rewardy including watching streams, video clips, completing offers, surveys, and quizzes, daily challenges, bonus points, entering raffles, playing games, and referring others.

Watching Streams

Watching streams is one of the easiest ways to earn on Rewardy. You can earn by watching streams on the app using your mobile device and on their website using your computer.

To earn through watching streams click on Earn then click on Watch Streams, and then click on a live stream from the list to earn. If you leave it playing make sure to check in every now and then to verify you are human. I find watching videos best on my laptop because I can keep a window open playing the stream while I am busy with other work.

If I watch on my phone I only earn when on the app so it’s annoying if I need to use my phone.

Also make sure that you only watch streams using wifi – I used my data once and I have never seen a few gigs disappear so fast!

One thing that confused me when I first joined Rewardy is the watch time, you can only watch streams when you have watch time minutes available. Watch time is earned through completing other activities in Rewardy, so if you plan on only earning through watching streams and not doing any other activities it won’t work out for you. Watch time is shown next to your points balance, it looks like a red clock face.

You can also get watch time boosts. One minute watched on Rewardy is equal to one point, however, you can be awarded with watch time boosts to earn two points per minute for a certain amount of time. Sometimes a notification comes up to watch an ad to earn a watch time boost. You can also earn watch time boosts through other activities on Rewardy. Your watch time boosts are shown on your profile (on the website) under your points amount, it looks like a lightening bolt.

Rewardy points streams

Watching Video Clips

You can only watch video clips using your mobile device as you have to download Livestreamclips – Viral Clips apps to earn. You download the app then enter your Rewardy username and watch short clips to earn. You will earn 1 to 5 points per every 5 minutes watched, however, I’ve only ever earned one point per five minutes. You also earn a raffle ticket for every ten minutes watched (more info on raffle tickets further down this post).

Earning through watching live streams is easier since you put on a live stream and it continues playing for a long time. Clips are much shorter so you have to keep on choosing new clips to watch. The plus side though is that you don’t need to earn watch time minutes to earn through watching clips.


Completing Offers

The offers section has various ways to earn including signing up for various offers, playing games, and completing surveys.

I’m always wary of offers when it comes to pay to earn platforms. Pay special attention to the details of an offer before attempting to complete it as some offers you have to sign up for a paid offer to earn. I don’t like paying to earn and I am not comfortable being directed to other apps and offers and filling in my credit card details.

For the offers I rather focus on playing games and completing surveys. Playing games on Rewardy has some pros and cons compared to my favourite earning app Ysense. It is possible to earn more money through playing games through Rewardy compared to Ysense, however, it can also be harder to earn that income in comparison to Ysense.

Most of the games on Ysense pay out for time played, and the longer you play the longer it takes to earn, plus there is an earning cap on each game (usually around $0.37 in total). Rewardy pays out more per game but you have to reach a certain level before you earn anything. So pay careful attention to the details given in Rewardy.

Also take note that you will only be paid out for games you have never played before. With Ysense you will pick up quickly if you are not being paid because you are playing a game you have previously played because you get allocated $0.01 after 1 minute of playing. If you don’t get that $0.01 after the first minute you will realise you have already played it. With Rewardy you will only get paid out once you reach a certain level. It took me reaching level 150 in a game and not get paid out to realise I had actually played it before!

Surveys are also available in the offer section, and this can be a nice way to earn, but of course as with any survey site there is always the frustration of being kicked out of surveys you don’t qualify for.

Completing Quizzes

You get rewarded 5 coins, 10 minutes watch time, and 1 raffle ticket for each quizz completed. You will only be rewarded for 1 quizz played every 4 hours. Quizzes can only be completed using your mobile device since you will be redirected to Quizzmind app which you will need to download. You must enter your Rewardy username into the app once you have downloaded it.

You need to have a ticket to complete a quizz and when you try to complete a quizz you will get a notification saying you have no tickets. There will be two options on that notification, on the left is the close button, on the right it says Watch Add – click on watch add and you will get 3 tickets to use for quizzes.

Take note that you will have to score at least 70% for each quizz to earn, if you earn less than that you will not be rewarded.

Remember that you will only be rewarded for one quizz every four hours. I didn’t notice that and did about 5 quizzes my first day and couldn’t understand why I was only awarded for 1, only do one quizz every 4 hours.

Completing Daily Challenges

You can earn extra every day by completing daily challenges for example daily earning streaks (earn 1000 points in a day), sharing about Rewardy on Twitter, completing a certain amount of offers, referring friends, watching streams and clips, and completing quizzes. Take note that these amounts are not automatically added once you have achieved them, you need to go into the daily challenges section to claim them.

Bonus Points

You can earn bonus points for rating the app, subscribing to their newsletter, following on social media, creating a Tik Tok video, and creating a Youtube short. You claim these points in the Bonus Points section.

Entering Raffles

There is a daily raffle to win 5 000 points. You can earn raffle tickets through completing quizzes and watching video clips.

Promotional Codes

There is a section (under account) to enter promotional codes. Keep an eye on their social media for when they share promotional codes to enter into this section. Take note that the codes will only work for a certain number of entries, so you need to be quick on the draw to enter them.

Referring Others

Rewardy has an affiliate program so you can also earn through referring people using your referral link. You will earn 25 points and 25 watch points for each referral as well as 5% of all their offer earnings.

Rewardy cash out

Cashing Out With Rewardy

Rewardy offers a number of different ways to cash out including Paypal, Amazon gift card (USA and EU only), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Roblox.

I’ve only ever cashed out via Paypal since I’m not into cryptocurrency, and I am not in USA or Europe so I can’t cash out with Amazon gift cards which is very disappointing as I love buying from Amazon.

There are minimum cash out amounts for each withdrawal method and there are withdrawal fees, however, if you withdraw over a certain amount there are no withdrawal fees.

Here are the minimum withdrawal amounts and withdrawal fees for each cash out method:

Paypal – minimum withdrawal amount: 2 500 points. Withdrawal fee is 5% of the withdrawal amount and there is no withdrawal fee from 20 000 points.

Amazon – minimum withdrawal amount: 5 500 points. Withdrawal fee is 500 points for withdrawals under 10 000 points and 250 for withdrawals under 20 000 points. There is no withdrawal fee for withdrawals over 20 000 points.

Bitcoin – minimum withdrawal amount: 2 500 points. Withdrawal fee is 500 points for withdrawals under 10 000 points and 250 points for withdrawals under 20 000 points. There is no withdrawal fee for withdrawals over 20 000 points.

Ethereum – minimum withdrawal amount: 2 500 points. Withdrawal fee is 500 points for withdrawals under 10 000 points and 250 points for withdrawals under 20 000 points. There is no withdrawal fee for withdrawals over 20 000 points.

Roblox – minimum withdrawal amount: 10 250 points. Withdrawal fee is 250 points for withdrawals under 20 000 points. There is no withdrawal fee for withdrawals over 20 000 points.

Please take note that to cash out from Paypal to South Africa you need an FNB account. It can be tricky to set it all up if you don’t know how to do it. Watch this video below for instructions on how to withdraw from Paypal to South Africa.

Does Rewardy Pay Out? Is Rewardy Legit?

Yes Rewardy pays out and it is legit. I’ve now cashed out twice and been paid the same day I cashed out, which is really nice. Other platforms I use take up to a week to pay out once I’ve cashed out so this is really nice.

Rewardy Pros And Cons


  • Multiple ways to earn online
  • Multiple ways to cash out
  • Payment after cashing out is fast
  • Earning through watching video streams is easy
  • They have a referral program so you can earn referral income
  • They offer bonus points and daily challenges to increase your earnings
  • They share promotional codes on social media to earn extra coins
  • Their support team responds to queries


  • It can be a little tricky figuring out how Rewardy works when you first join
  • It is quite slow to earn
  • 5% point value deducted for withdrawals under a certain amount
  • You can’t earn only through watching streams, you have to earn watch time through other activities
  • Amazon gift cards are only available for users in USA and Europe

My Rewardy Review

I’ve been with Rewardy for over a month now and I’m quite enjoying their platform. I’ve cashed out twice and they paid me out in less than an hour.

I love that I can earn through watching videos as this is something that is not available on a lot of the other pay to earn platforms I’ve joined. It is slow to earn through watching videos, however, I turn the sound off my laptop and keep it running which I work so while it is slow I am still earning for doing nothing.

I love that the games section gives me the chance to earn more than other apps that pay for playing games, however, earning is not for time played it is for reaching certain levels which makes it harder to reach the payout amount.

As with any platform that pays to complete surveys and offers it can come with a bit of frustration being kicked out of surveys and I’m not always comfortable completing offers, especially when it involves entering my credit card details.

My recommendation for Rewardy is to focus on watching the live streams, playing games, completing surveys, bonus points, and daily challenges.

Click here to join Rewardy.

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