The Salt Review – Get Paid To Promote Products On Social Media

I joined The Salt a while back and until recently had not earned anything from them. This year I’ve received two paid campaigns from them and its been a great experience. Here’s what you need to know about earning with The Salt.

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The Salt Review - Get Paid To Promote Products On Social Media

About The Salt

The Salt is a platform that connect brands with people to promote their products on social media. The awesome thing is that you don’t have to be a blogger or an influencer to earn through The Salt. You must be active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Salt is connected to Webfluential, another platform for influencers.

The Salt Review

I signed up to The Salt about a year ago and filled in my profile and connected my social media channels. At the end of last year I was chatting with a fellow blogger and the topic of The Salt came up and I said I have not received any jobs from The Salt, but a lot from Webfluential.

I was advised to go to my dashboard at The Salt and complete as many quizzes as possible and to check in regularly to complete new quizzes. I followed those instructions and within two weeks I got an email saying I was approved for my first campaign. I was over the moon.

The process of completing the campaign was very easy and I loved that there was so much support from The Salt. I was added to a Whatsapp group and joined a Facebook group for the campaign. The instructions were clear and the staff at The Salt were very helpful and friendly.

As soon as I completed my first campaign the money was available in my dashboard to cash out to my bank account. Payment was received within a few days.

Shortly after I completed my first campaign The Salt launched a competition where they are giving away R50k in 50 days, R1000 a day. All you have to do is share a post on social media with your referral link and using the hashtag #theSALTCashDrop – I followed the instructions and on the 7th February I won R1000 which was available immediately in my dashboard to cash out! Take note that this competition is still running until 20 March 2023 – so sign up and share your post to stand a chance to win R1000.

Won The Salt Cash Drop

I’ve now received my second campaign with The Salt which I am currently busy with. I’ve earned R2900 from The Salt this year and once my current campaign is completed I will have earned another R1000.

My advice to anyone starting with The Salt is to make sure you have completed your profile, connected your social media accounts, and do as many quizzes as you possibly can. While the quizzes are not paid jobs these quizzes match you up with potential brands so they are very important.

The Salt Earnings

Take note that you do not have to refer anyone to The Salt to get campaigns, however, if you refer people it will improve your Nano Score. Your Nano Score gets increased with every quiz you do, with every person you refer, and with every paid campaign you complete.

When a paid campaign becomes available you have a better chance of being shortlisted if you have a high Nano Score.

I’ve found The Salt an absolute pleasure to work with and highly recommend joining if you want to earn a little extra on the side through promoting products on social media.

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  1. Monique Delcarme-Adams

    Thank you for this. Always looking for ways and means to make some extra cash. Life is damn expensive! Every little bit helps

  2. I will definitely sign up

  3. wow im so glad youre doing well with the Salt and also with the win. i did not get a chance to give this app another try but will do so when things quieten down

  4. Thanks…. a great article and congrats!

  5. Let me give this a try. I’m definitely signing up. Being a housewife I sure need to do to generate some cash

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  8. definitely joining The Salt ! thank you for reviewing it, really helps

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  10. I need to get in this platform for sure could do with the extra.

  11. I have signed up before but also never received any jobs but now reading about the quizzes I will be trying that. Thank you

    • It’s so important to do the quizzes Naomi! I also started off not getting any jobs and then when I started doing the quizzes the jobs came in!

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