3 Fun Games To Teach Your Kids About Money

Sometimes it feels to me as if my kids think that money grows on trees, and teaching my kids about money is something that I feel is really important. They need to know that money is earned through hard work and that if you want to buy something you need to save up for it. My kids are crazy about playing games and learning some money skills can be done through game playing.

Here are some online games my kids played online that teach money skills:

3 Fun Games To Teach Kids About Money

Games To Teach Kids About Money

We found these great games on mortgagecalculator.org and I love that we can play online without having to download anything, the games are free, and there are no ads, which is welcome break from game apps that constantly have ads playing disrupting game playing.

Farm Town Game

  1. Farm Town

This game involves planting seeds, harvesting crops, and raising animals. You then sell your produce and use the income to purchase more seeds and equipment, and research new food techniques. Each level has goals that need to be reached to go through to the next level. You can also upgrade your truck and refridgerator to increase your output.

Farm Town is the game my son loved the most out of all of them. He loved the challenge of getting to new levels and of course making as much money as possible. I love that it teaches him the basics of running a business and that you have to keep investing some of what you earn into your business to keep it growing.

Hotdog cart game

  1. Hotdog Cart Game

Hotdog cart is a fun game where you have to set hamburgers, drinks, and sides to customers. You need to get their order correct and on time. You need to cook the burger patties and not burn them and add the correct things that the customers want on their burgers.

As you progress through stages the food gets more complicated and more customers come at once making it trickier to complete orders. You can have a few angry customers and still continue with the game but when you have too many angry customers you lose and have to restart.

My son really enjoyed this game and found it fun trying to get all the customers their food to leave happy. There are also lots of similar games available including Ice Cream Bar, Open Restaurant, Penguin Cafe, and Pizza Shop

Idle Pet Store Game

  1. Idle Pet Business

This game involves running a pet store. You start with selling hamsters and use the income to start selling other pets and reinvest in your business. You can upgrade your pets to increase profits, lower production time, and stack your earnings. You can also share pictures of your pets on social media to market your pet business and increase your earnings.

My son loves games like this where the more money he puts in the more money he makes in residual income. He also loved gaining enough money to get a new pet and was always excited to see what new pet would be revealed next.

My Favourite Games On The Site

Play Mahjong

  1. Mahjong

I love playing Mahjong, it is so relaxing and a great way to destress. You have to match pairs of tiles until the board is cleared, you can only match tiles that are cleared.

You can choose between 4 board layouts – default (turtle/ classic), pyramid, wall, or heart. You can also choose between 6 different tile designs – types of buildings, renovation, landscapes, famous landmarks, economy, or construction.

You can shuffle the tiles if you get stuck, undo a move, and change your settings of the game using the controls on the right hand side of the game.

There are so many great games available on this site and we have not been able to get through them all yet, but have a look and see if there is something that catches your eye.

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  1. Very good idea and it also teaches them patience

  2. Tracy-lee Whittaker

    Thanks for these games, will Def play them with baba when she’s older

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